Oculus Rift suspends Mac, Linux development?


I hear and read for stories that Oculus Rift suspends Mac and Linux development.
But the oculus rifty website keeps pretty silent about this news.

Also it seems the oculus rift is getting anyway very expensive what i read.
Like i alwatys say, there’s nothing wrong with user friendly keyboard and mouse :wink:

The only question, is it true or not ?


This is confirmed by Oculus Chief Architect Mr. Atman Binstock…

" Our development for OS X and Linux has been paused in order to focus on delivering a high quality consumer-level VR experience at launch across hardware, software, and content on Windows. We want to get back to development for OS X and Linux but we don’t have a timeline."



I think it makes sense to align their focus on release to Windows. I would think support for other platforms should be close behind.


The main reason for this as far as I can gather at least for Mac side is the recommended specifications. Sure macs might reach that level eventually but right now they are lagging a bit behind with graphics processing.

Linux however might be due to having a smaller user base and lack of proper updated driver support from the hardware manufacturers. Hopefully steamOS will change that.

Price wise they still seem to be targeting the same range or lower since they are not going with higher expected resolutions (same specs as the HTC Vive) but lacking the lighthouse


steamos already out so i dont think that will change much unless the steam boxes sell very very well I think they will add mac and linux support back after they realese the first verson and it stable


The tech specs are a bit high, it sounds you will have to buy the hardware to fit the oculus rift.