Oculus Rift Touch Controller API JSON


Hi there Metaverse Champions!

As a dedicated member of the VR community I wanted to create a controller .json mapping for the Oculus Rift Touch controllers.

The example JSONS are here:

OK, THEY (the new bump areas on both controllers) ARE PROBABLY NOT SPEAKER PORTS! But my stance on API access remains. If this new “haptic-sensor-button-module-node-dot-matrix-mousepad” is a real thing on the controller, then we should be able to access that in .js but we have nothing in the Controller.Standard to do so.

Please consider it important for your API and make the required modifications to your Controller.Standard model. Thanks!
see also: http://jsref.docs.highfidelity.com/v1.0/docs/standard

cc: @sam, @hyperlogic


WHat is the use or function of the speakers inside the hand controllers ?
Seems so weird if you already wear headphone.

Just curious…


There is a counter argument that it is in fact a placeholder for a users thumb. Gamers typically rest the thumb on the thumbstick; so I don’t personally subscribe to that theory. Just consider that it would be better to have it and not need it (the API) than to need it and not have it.

[–]wheatgrinder 9 points 14 days ago
Looks like bumps to me. I’d say it’s a haptic marker… a bumpy bit to give you a refrence point when holding them… remember you can’t see the controller when your in the hmd…

[–]Sorimachi 2 points 14 days ago
Seems a bit useless to give feedback on something that your currently holding.

[–]VrGuy1980 6 points 14 days ago
Why the hell would they put a speaker on the touch control when the Oculus has headphones…

Ok, so let’s suspend the theory that this ‘new button’ is NOT a speaker. We will still need the ability to leverage it’s function within the Controller.Standard if it IS a button at all. If it IS a sensor, then we still need to be able to leverage it.


Any functionality that doesn’t map to the standard controls would be available on Controller.Hardware.Touch. If it turns out to be common enough that it warrants abstraction, I’m sure we’ll integrated something into the Controller.Standard model. Additionally, right now we have no mechanism for haptic feedback, like rumble, but I’m certain this too will be integrated eventually.


Thanks! I’ll be doing my best to keep a watch on this.