Oculus SDK 0.6 - Integration Timeline?



Just checking on if or when I’ll need to grab the latest runtime from Oculus. Thanks in advance


I am not sure when we will have it in. 0.6 will work with Interface, we are just not using all of the features right now.


Well, if you’re on a Linux or OSX platform, the answer is ‘sometime after Oculus supports 0.6 on those platforms’. If you’re on windows, the answer is ‘sooner than that’.

Right now I’m working on re-engineering the output system so that display in order to make all the different display types (standard 2D monitors, 3D displays, indivdual HMD APIs) ssupported by plugins. This is ongoing but is needed to support upcoming HMDs like Vive and OSVR. It will also make it easier to do something like have a common base class for an Oculus plugin that does all the things that haven’t changed between 0.5 and 0.6 and then have platform specific plugins that target different versions of the API.

I could probably get 0.6 support in sooner than that if I just went in and made a bunch a bunch of changes that only target windows or non-windows platforms, but unfortunately this would be work I’d mostly end up throwing away, so it would just further delay the overall refactor.

We do want to move to 0.6 on Windows, as they’ve significantly improved the way OpenGL apps behave and removed some of the limitations with them, but I can’t give you an exact timeline right now.