Oculus verses Vive HTC


I need your input please.
The time has come and now I am ready to order a HMD, but which one?

I am reading reviews, they are both 90fps, Vive comes with separate hand controllers, oculus comes with xbox controller for now. Oculus is slow to ship, Vive is bigger on your face.

Thats about all I know, its a reasonable investment so I would like to gain as much knowledge as I can before I “buy now”.

I welcome any input from anyone who has one or has used one.
Thanks. Looking forward to your reviews and complaints.


I would wait until end of this year when both Oculus and Vive will likely announce their next versions. But if you cannot wait, I’d recommend a Vive. It will scale better when multiple devices are in your face, hands, etc.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I was thinking about waiting till the price drops or new releases come out, I can wait but I worry about not being up to speed with the development, I want to start working with these devices. I have considered getting one of those $100 units as a short term entry point but have heard they are not much better than google cardboard.

Could you expand on this please, what will scale better and what multiple devices do you refer to?


The Oculus has the HMDs (and other controllers emitting light signals (LEDs on the devices). One camera has to discern those points to determine positioning. As more devices are introduced, the camera and software is going to get a tad overloaded tracking all that stuff.

The Vive uses a spatial light sweep system (the light houses). The HMDs and other controllers have photo-receptors to pick up the positioning. As more devices are introduced, each device processes its positioning. So the Vive is inherently scalable. More devices do not introduced higher processing at a central point. It is a better system.

As for being up to speed on development, I personally do not see that an issue since HF is basically still alpha and has so many missing and undocumented features that stymy development anyway… I think those problems should (I truly hope) be corrected in about six months which makes waiting until then a good decision.


They both ship in 3 days .I would recommend wait unless you see a second hand bargain.
Because. Unless your PC is made of gold hi-fi vr performance isnt good enough yet.im hi-fi minimum spec. And struggle in a rift as ricardus struggle with his vive.
If your a gamer and need it today get the vive.once the oculus touch is out I doubt there will be much in it. The rifts prettiest


This. Also an SSD. Again, stuff being worked on with months long timeframes.


We have both Oculus Touch and Vive, we prefer the Vive so far.

The Oculus controller design is nice, but since they are not available yet that isn’t much of a plus for now, lol. I am thrilled with the fact the Vive always has motion controls, and the fact that Vive is by default room scale. You can do a room scale set up with the Oculus, but it doesn’t seem like that is what most people will do.

Both headsets are more comfy than the early versions, and I think which one feels better will have a lot to do with head shape.


I worry about posting this because things change and different people have different views but:

I have tried out various versions of Oculus and Vive and read reviews and looked into tech of both.

Up front I will say I bought a Vive. My choice was based on inclusion of hand controllers and tracking issues. The Vive comes with two lighthouse base stations that provide 360 position for both HMD and hand controllers, and possibly other tracked sensors.

The Oculus comes with none yet, and even when the touch controllers are released, the problems that may or may not be an issue with the camera vs sensor tracking system made me decide on the Vive.

Yes, the Vive is more bulky than the Oculus, but adjusting the head straps for me has made it a non issue. Also, Steam and HTC seem to have better track record of delivering hardware and software, at least up till now.

Like I said, don’t base your choice on what I say, I am just saying why I chose the Vive when I did, which was months ago. I would suggest you try both and decide yourself.

Edited to add: one question is, would I buy either now?


Aside from the Control, tracking systems and slight differences in the optics, both devices are actually quite similar, even the screens.

There also a question personal morphology, and an additional factor if one puts moddability into factor as well!

The Oculus IPD range is 57-71mm. It suited for the average head and those without glasses. It is comfortable for most, but It can get uncomfortable for people with larger than average heads. However, longetivity-wise you cannot change the headband without tearing apart the rift due to the LEDs on the band. But otherwise should be suited for non-roomscale consumption (Standing or sitting experiences, mostly) and for long sessions.

The Vive IPD range is 60-74mm. Its more comfortable on larger heads and people with glasses. As discussed in the thread already, the down side is very large on smaller heads. Bonus side is that its the comfort is within the realm of moddability. Infact people are already making some crazy mods in search of better comfort for them, which someday may come sold separately. Its basically goto for room scale, but for shorter bursts


I would say wait a bit longer, i got mine mabye to early to. Still not want without it to. But also i know i cannot always use it so desktop keeps important.

I did choice the htc vive because the hand controllers, thats so important part. without it is not the same and feels handicapt.

I dtill think that the graphics quality in HMD is still low with high fidelity. faces nit far away lose quality. Still curious why The Lab abd some other games seems to have better graphics. and hifi not. Mabye steam change graphics setting.

Anyway cor now HMD in high fidelity can be struggle with graphics. Will see if reinstallation of graphics drivers helped with next meeting.


The IPD thing is important. I didn’t find out until using the CV1 measuring tool that my eyes are at 58mm. If I had purchased a Vive it would not fit in range of my IPD. There are also corrective lenses for purchase via 3rd party (shown on different thread)

I tried the Vive at the Hackathon. I own a Rift. As @Twa_Hinkle was recommending, you’re better off trying both to make the choice. There were aspects of the Vive I enjoyed more than Rift such as less glare when compared to Rift viewing identical scenes. It isn’t FAR less, but it is noticeable to me. On the contrary, The Rift is lightweight and extremely ergonomic. When VR was still using the DK2, I spent hours playing Elite : Dangerous. Turning my head and neck to view the beauty of the galaxy we live in. This caused a decent amount of strain even for me. (i’m no couch potato) so when I saw pictures of the Vive next to the DK2 and next to the CV1 I kinda made up my mind then and there.

It saddens me to find out via @PunkerellaSummers the Touch controllers are a bit of a flop. I was hoping ergonomics would champion my choice there again; because (again, opinion only here) holding the Vive controllers were akin to Wii-motes. I played a lot of Wii, even brought balance boards to the Hackathon, so my brain just immediately told me I was holding a Wii-mote. :frowning: and I was Touch focused from that point forward. The discussion about scale of equipment, while valid doesn’t mean much at present time. How many people do you know that are either:
a. making 3rd Party lighthouse peripherals on the scale of Wii accessories? (remember those?)
b. uses 2 OR MORE Vives in a single space (HF Devs excluded)
So, yeah, scale. It matters… barely.

Best advice I have read is still Twink; get inside VR and decide for yourself. I would however, use a Leap Motion with CV1 if you are going to try to compare both against one another. Or get Touch.


The biggest porblem with the vive for me is at times the pressure on the nose. i now exchanged that for mabye a bit worse image by bringing the lens unit further away. But there times i can have it closer to.

The hand controler of the oculus rift seems a bit fragile on pictures. with a xbox type stick. and i have already problems with it on the xbox one controller because the respond to fast vecause lack of dead spotg in the center. or High Fidelity not have set enough.


Have you tried removing the nose gap. It is swappable
But again yeah, it comes to aquestion of morphology, everyone has different shaped and sized heads.


Yes, already removed that, it make things anyway betetr for breathing. But still if you put the lenses complete to the face. the pressure cen be high. I think it’s mabye a bit better with the VR-Cover.

But this warm wheater gives me a bit more problems with getting right focus in HMD anyway. That is why i always will use a desktop for many things to. Building a virtual world that only works with HMD is a big mistake,


Of course, but the problem is there are no tools to build while using the HMD. Thats not related to this topic though.


I have a medium size head but I wear glasses, I have seen the post about fitting internal lenses, Im not sure what my IDP is. The more I hear the more I am prepared to wait some more, and try to test for myself if I can find them.


I noticed this too. I think it’s a matter of adding a null zone to configs (hf dev).


Since you wear glasses, you can get your IPD from your optometrist. It is something they note in your records.


The touch controls are nice, I would recommend them to anyone with a rift. Hands are an important part of vr, and the touch controllers almost vanish in your hands because of their design… but they wouldn’t make me recommend a rift overall unless the person really only wanted to do seated and 180 degree experiences. Overall I do think Oculus spent a lot of time on trying to make everything sleek/appealing/ergonomic.

We can’t leave either of our systems set up because our kids would ruin them, lol. So we always have the choice of which to set up. We just don’t have much desire to set up the rift for the kinds of experiences we get on it. I expect that may shift once there is more stuff we can play that actually uses the hand controls and is therefore more engaging… but I also do really love room scale.

edit: Also @Adrian if you can try them at a friends house/trade show/local meetup… I really do recommend it. I personally like the feel of where the vive puts pressure on my face a little better than the oculus, but a lot of people find the oculus more comfy. It probably has a lot to do with basic bone structure and such. Neither system is cheap so its best to be sure you will like your purchase :wink:


You can simply measure the IPD by simply pressing a pair of dividers into the pupil of each eye