Odd keys with odd functions


Apparently there are some debug keys, mainly>

J, I, K, M that cause the starfield to move about and basic entities (cubes) around. Very trippy but what is the use for it?


Maybe to arrange the skybox later on ?


I found something, this seems to move some perspective offset or something, what happens is the more you offset it, the further the bounding box gets from the object, and if you orbit around the bounding box maintains its offset.

This also seems to begin to address the issue of entities appearing to be in the wrong place according to the viewpoint, like when an entity shows thru an object when you know it should be behind it.

I messed around with it and suddenly I couldnt place anything properly in edit mode, and once I fixed it, lots of things seemed to look a bit better. *EDIT after some testing it doesnt really seem to fix anything.

To fix if its messed up: create a cube and reset to natural dimensions, and select it.
Then click the I,J,K.M until the bounding box is a perfect fit from all angles.

This seems to be an edit feature but should not be on by default, I can imagine everyone’s perspective being odd because of it.