Oddities with builds above 3006 on Windows 7.1



Build 3006

Any build above 3006

Win 7.1 x64 - Nvidia GTX660m - Latest Nvidia Drivers installed. Location Heron - running most current stack.

Response code to texture fetches indicate 301 - which if that’s an HTTP 301 would indicate it’s fetching with http://someplace.com/some_asset/some.jpg vs HTTPS as I force all, via cloudflare, to https. This would illuminate 2 issues. 1) It’s not honoring 301 redirects 2) It’s not making like requests - i.e. base fbx is fetched via https url as user entered but referenced graphics fetched with http. Previous to build 3007 there was no issue with this.

This would be why some textures display (they’re embedded in FBX for the leaf/dirt square) and other’s don’t - they’re all distinct external references. I chose to do this to take advantage of cloud flare serving images via CDN/cache. Trees render normally as they have no texture, only material colors.


@OmegaHeron And it worked on previous versions with https urls for the models? I don’t think the code for downloading geometry + textures has ever handled redirects.


@huffman As the pictures clearly show - It works on 3K6 and not on > 3K6 and it’s always used HTTPS for all my asset fetches. I’d guess when reading the fbx and iterating the textures to fetch it’s now assuming http vs using the same proto as in original asset fetch.


@OmegaHeron Ok, and presumably you’ve always redirected http -> https on cloudflare?


@huffman Yes - nothing has changed since December 2K14 approx. Assets via HTTPS via cloudflare. I’ve intentionally left things almost 100% unchanged in heron for nearly 6 months as my baseline comparison test.


Hey, This is probably due to a recent change in how resources are handled in the Interface client. We’ll get a for this ASAP. Apologies for the instability.


Cool - and it’s clearly calling for textures referenced in FBX (as externals) with http://domain/filename.ext vs https:/domain/filename.ext in build (Windows) > 3006. In 3006 and below it calls textures with same proto as fbx. Confirmed by looking at http server logs. Alternatively - support for 301 redirects should be added : ) .


301, 302, 307, and 308 need to be supported.


I submitted a github Pull Request with a fix. Please comment, if it doesn’t work for you. https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/5637


Thanks @hyperlogic - fix confirmed.