Oh, I hope HiFi has something like THIS in it someday! :D


Imagine walking along the surface of a planetoidy thingy like this one here, kinda sorta Little Prince-ish, maybe in your VR goggles and stuff, where heading straight ahead, after a bit of stroll, you come back around to where you started. :smiley:


What’s this now? Round worlds? Hah! What a strange idea. We all know that worlds are flat and eventually you will reach the edge and peer across into the void.


All it really needs from HiFi’s end is an origin-pointing gravity mode in the physics engine. The community could do the rest.


Yes indeed. That was something I really wanted to do in another virtual world. PhysX did not have orientable gravity but it was possible to apply forces to individual objects. Something similar could be done in bullet, to have entities simulate a radial gravity field on all other entities near the centroid. Unfortunately that is but the beginning of the solution. The biggest issue is auto-aligning the camera, either 3rd person or 1st person to the local field gradient. Given how sucky camera controls are presently, that one will be a while. And again, all the scripts that operate on entities and avatars need to understand and work with the local field gradient too. This asks for such a feature to be a part of the orientation architecture.


True, and that camera-orientation thing would also apply to stuff like… an avatar puts on a pair of gravity boots and walks up the walls and then across the ceiling, with the camera view rotating itself accordingly. Oddly enough, I’ve seen this done on SL where having the av be able to walk up and around on any arbitrary surface was done by having the av “ride” a particular see-thru, avatar-sized cube prim that turned invisible while they were “in” it, and that then turned visible again and stayed put where it was left when the av unseated from it. Someone at New Babbage had created a sort-of replica of one of E C Escher’s lithos (“Relativity,” maybe? something similar anyway) in 3D for some event or other using those to let people walk the “wrong way around” staircases and stuff. That particular scripted prim was devised such that whatever surface you walked up onto with it (say, the wall) “became” the floor to it.