Ok, who's idea was the nag screen?


Two things… first, I’m getting an “alert” or “warning” when I go into edit mode and select an object. After a few seconds, I’m getting this warning that the screen is too complex and it displays a meter that slowly clicks down to zero, whereas the entire world becomes invisible. Turning off edit mode and waiting seems to “resolve” the issue and the scene ultimately returns to normal.

Second thing… who’s idea was to make this warning a full screen nag screen that chases your camera wherever you go when small window attached to the hud would have been sufficient.

I’m running a new iMac i5 2.7Ghz / 8 Gig RAM with Intel Iris Pro 1536MB

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Welcome to the brave new world of LOD control. I’ve noticed that FPS can drop dramatically in edit mode so it’s no shock LOD reduction kicks in during it - though it likely should not. I have mine set under Developer -> Render -> Disable Automatically Adjust LOD.

I’m not, nor will I likely ever have an HMD so even 30 fps is fine for me. But - I suspect the idea is to teach us that we’re being too complex and not have us miss the point. It’s like the flashing red audio muted indicator, but, well, more.



The thing is that you are running a machine with an Intel GPU. That will, in most any 3d situation, be a draw back when it comes to display. Also Intel GPUs use shared graphics memory so that graphics memory is taking a chunk out of your actual ram.

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Yeah, I didn’t pay close enough attention when I made my decision. My work iMac has a better nvidia card in it, and I didn’t realize this one had such a low end card. Oh well, I still have one heck of a card on my PC. The other issue is a dog slow hard drive, but I found a viable solution for that. I can get an SSD and connect it externally and set it as the boot drive, which I’m going to do. Going from the SSD on my PC to this 5400 RPM POS ain’t cutting it. There is a connector internally for the SD drive if you get the fusion set, and one can even add an SD drive and configure the included drive and “bake your own” fusion drive setup, but that would involve A) opening up an iMac, which is like taking apart an iPhone these days, and B) Voiding my warrantee, which I really don’t want to do. I’ll configure the external boot to improve the hard drive situation and get the speed of SSD without hacking into the machine, and well, as far as the graphics card goes… I’m basically stuck there, as it’s not upgradable.