Okay let's get it all out of our system windows 10 overload


I hate Windows 10 probably not real but it made me smile anyway


I loved it, but now it’s running i hate it. it’s not what i expected. And afraid the not going to fix that too. And it’s not faster then windows 7


She’s right about the ugly black theme.



I think its 1,2,3,95,98,NT, Me , 2000 XP , Vista, 7 ,8 , 2

because am not sure if the mean 10 or binary 2 :smiley:


(We really need to dump this IDIOTIC “minimum characters” BULLSHIT!)


I found a fix for windows 10


Well, that fix is a bit brute. because i still need my screen.
But windows 7 is going back asap. done with 10 after it srewed the reverse to win7. am still now on clean installed win7. it really not runs better.

Now running on patly glued togehter system. lucky i can reuse installed programs with very little work after a clean instaled windows 10

Unless microsoft is improving things very , very soon. especially the windows update need to be reverted back how windows 7/8 works.


Please send your feedback with specifics to Microsoft. Airing it here is nice but it definitely does not get to Microsoft QA.


There is a feedback form you can file directly from Windows 10, but since you reverted to Win 7, you can give feedback through their WEB portal.


Right now, not reverted to win7, it costed to much time, i have installed a clean install of win 10. it did not made it run better btw. not see much speed improvment.

Some engineer told me too you can do it from windows 10. well NOT ! you can choice windows feedback that send you to the store, and that tells you nothing found. mabye because am smart and only use local accounts. Need to find the feedback on the web portal.

It’s just a warning here that reverting back to win-7 can keep you behind with a complete broken system. My advice. don;t install windows 10. It’s not so good as the say. It’s the worse windows i have seen.


“Upgrading” Operating Systems, no matter who the maker is, should be approached with caution. One should ALWAYS do a FULL SYSTEM BACKUP before “upgrading”. (this includes the redundant hidden partitions popular with post Win 7 Systems.

I lost about 3 days worth of files due to the Upgrade but this is only because, as I used to run a BBS years ago, regular weekly backups became a habit for me. After Microsoft first created windows I found it to be far less trustworthy and the backups became a necessity that saved my ass more often than not.

I am sorry to hear that you had to rebuild your OS, RIchardus. and I do agree that MS Corporation doesn’t seem to care about such issues.


I do it usually by backing up all essentials, then removing my remote disks where i keep all of my project files and clean my entire C: drive and then reinstate everything. I never rely on upgrades, always assuming to clean everything. Works faster that way too after :slight_smile: and avoids having too many configurations that you get too attached to.

Basically: keep everything backed up constantly, have project files and work files on other disks.


The difference for me is that i always setup my system in a way that when the C: drive get wonky i don’t lose much. expect mail because i hate “my documets” folder. but if windows don’t boot i grap a linux liove cd , boot from that and copy my documents over.

And this syetm where anyway on the list for reinstall, and upgrade. that’s now only accelerated with a few months. right now am still running win10. because quicker to install. and on new system after installing win7 i will activate win10 on that too. (and then possible put 7 back, if some software tests fail)

Just avoid “My Documents” anmd the C: drive where possible. why you think i hate it how high fidelity is storing data on the wrong location. still waiting until that can be changed to other drive.

Doing a full system backup, tried some programs. but never found one that works good reliable and not killing your system.

Anyway, microsoft have a few weeks time to prove itself. and hopefully fixt windows update or at least the Secondlife viewer problem. until new hardware parts arrive. Then am only missing after that oculus rift. And mabye the problem with secondlife is gone after upgrade.

Anyway, thanks.


I keep my OS partition and my files on separate partitions. Back in the day we used to get hit with all sorts of boot sector viruses and I got tired of losing everything so my now OS gets put on a tiny 320 gig harddrive (or something about that size) and all else on a separate drive (usually partitioned off numerous times)


MORE “good news” from the "SOFTWARE OVERLORD"
Yet more reasons to FORMAT C: on a win 10 system.
Freedom means using whatever software and hardware you can afford without some money grubbing industrial PIG saying you can’t.


I’ve yet to know anyone (including my sister who is a cop) that didn’t have ONE or TWO “questionable” pieces of software in their system.

Or use “unauthorized hardware peripheral devices” … unauthorized by WHO?? BY MS??? Who made these jerks police?


I doubt m$ cares about questionable pieces of software.
You should probably read: ‘Software not downlaoded from the m$ app store’

And it is convenient that they can uncheck the ‘do not show adds’ and can block add blockers.

The main reason for m$ to want to do spying will be that they can make money at selling that info for advertising. Hence I would not be surpriced if popups will appear with advertisements when starting up windows.


Its funny how people do not read the EULA it self but believe what ever they are told in clickbait blog articles fueled by the latest concerns of windows 10 privacy.:

Read it your self. Its specifically for Microsoft Services, and the list of is here .
This includes services in Windows 10, from MS Store, Xbox One, and Skype, but not Windows 10 by it self. You got similar wavers and clauses in Steam, Google Play, Apple Store, and Origin.
Seriously software based store services EULAs are always written like that.

Terms of use for Windows 10 are here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Useterms/Retail/Windows/10/UseTerms_Retail_Windows_10_English.htm Which specifically is for windows 10

I doubt M$ would directly open them selves up for a class action lawsuit from Europe. or even American citizens by stating everything openly in legal lingo. Instead they’ll probably do it in secret with cooperation with the agencies, but thats been for happening since the computer revolution… But they wouldn’t then be concerned with the person’s misdemeanors.

Mark my words, after a week or so, most articles will have a small editorial correction saying that its for Microsoft Services, to avoid libel charges. But by then they’ve gotten their ad revenue :slight_smile:


Hey folks, please consider carefully when you demonize a company and the people who work for it or have worked for it, that you are commenting or criticizing from facts and not innuendoes. There are a number of problems indeed, but nothing like what has been stated heretofore. Also note a number of the people being tarred and feathered here, are alphas.


dude… crap is crap… and spyware is spyware.