Old marketplace content


I am wondering what the situation is regarding older marketplace content. (pre HFC)
I have quite a few items that were once in the market but are all now sitting as draft, whats the best way to move forward?
Should I just open up the existing postings and edit, looks like I need to re-upload the items as the system cant seem to get the assets? or would it be best to delete and start again with whole new market items?
I have a few including the contest submissions that are all just draft now.


Ohh. so it’s not deleted from my list because the assets where gone here.

Good question.
I also not have HFC,
And the last time the bank where open. where on bad time in the night.


Juup, you have to send in your items new.
I got it once too that was set as draft.


Hey there guys,

Righto. There’s two options:

  1. You can edit the item in Draft and choose the PoP license and click the submit for review button. You won’t be able to change or update the content, though.


  1. You can resubmit it as a new item with the PoP license (and change the content if you want to make improvements). You can also mark them as for-sale if you like.