Olde News - the 'Box' aka the Rig


While patent mining, I found “The Box” patent. Quite interesting. This is probably the closet simulacra of an SAO style nerve gear, albeit physically constraining.


or perhaps this:


“An input and feedback system for use with simulator devices immobilizes a portion of the user’s body using a securement device which holds the immobilized portion in a fixed position.”

It doesn’t sound very comfortable but the idea is ingenious :+1:


It was one of @Philip’s inventions, 2000 (granted 2006).


It was (and is) a really interesting way to create full-body immersion, and we built a working version that was called ‘the rig’. I wrote more about it on the blog at https://blog.highfidelity.com/blog/2015/07/vr-immersion-through-immobilization-the-rig


Wow, this really sounds so exciting!
It’s probably about time that - instead of adjusting reality to our perception - we start to reprogram our brains in order to adjust to (virtual) reality :wink: