Omg high fidelity spam


Why not just one email? I’m lucky they didn’t bounce.


Hmm, possible you got one from me !.
I got days ago a first warning. after that not seen any warning in my mail box.


This sucks when you have tons of place names. Why can’t they all be added to a single bill? It’s going to take all day to pay for them.


How do you extend the validity of the place names? Where can you pay?



Finbaly found the option to pay. hard to find btw. without that link i would still search. But with the link too.

Bigger problem, "chris told use the coupon codes keep valid. I tried both and no one works. And reserved the second coupon code for this important make or break it year for high fidelity.

What’s wrong with the coupon codes, the expire date is getting closer ?


Ahh ok, the renew button with the plus sign. Thank you.