On the Location Mutability of Entity Asset Access


Presently I create entities then fill in the URLs of the related assets. Now the entity is placed in the market, many people get it, and all is well until the data gets moved from Google cloud storage to, say, Amazon S3 cloud storage, and at that point all those entities implode.

I can avoid that scenario by pointing assets to a manager server that sends back redirection responses to the actual storage points. Or, I can set up a transition time where the old cloud storage can issue permanent redirects to the new asset location. All of these approaches require the interface app honor redirection response status codes( 3xx, especially 301,302,307) and the cache/no-cache directives. Does it do that now?


I don’t think the client currently does honor cache headers and redirection codes. But when it does, it should definetly utilize the header a bit more, as i discussed in my other thread https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/proposal-add-http-request-headers-to-be-used-for-content-protection/6241/1