On the Strip... are any build protections in place?


I was looking at an area of the strip allocated to me for alpha test building and set up some boundary posts so I could see where the extent of the plot was… but I realised I had placed voxels beyond that plot area and I assume in space allocated to others. Worse, I seemed to be able to delete voxels in the builds of other alpha testers.

Are protections in place, or can anyone build anywhere, and delete anything built by others at the moment?

E.g. the “Ai” shape is well outside my strip.highfidelity.io plot and seems to be allowed to persist.


aye theirs nothing stopping anyone building anywhere. I just put up a thing on the work list hoping they can make it so only the strip owner can build on their plot. For the moment it doesn’t really matter if it all gets destroyed but at the same time no ones gonna spend time making anything nice.



And its actually quite easy to accidentally right mouse click FAR FAR away and take a hole out of someone else’s build.

The colour strip is a bit odd too… I have not managed to work out how it works. I created a magenta voxel as magenta was showing fine in colour slot 1… but it suddenly turned to green in slot 1 - one of the same colours showing under another slot which was redundant, and I could not get magenta back as a slot. Even using the dropper tool or hovering over another magenta voxel just temporarily changed slot 1 to show magenta, but when I tried to build it altered back to a green colour. Is there any rationale to the colours in the colour strip, or a way to set those colours as you wish to have on the palette?


Slot 1 always takes the color of the voxel you’re aiming at.


That would be good if it “stuck” when building… but as soon as you aim the mouse where you want to place the next voxel its gone… presumably changed to the voxel which is afjacent ro wher yohbare adding one.

The eye dropper seems not to work?


Only Slot 2 and above work with the dropper tool. Slot 1 isn’t a bug, it’s actually very useful when building with many colors, so you don’t have to always select the right color for each voxel.


Thanks @Konstantin- got that now…click a slot (2 or higher) to select it, then use the dropper tool to pick up a colour from the scene and that goes into that slot. That works.

Are there other ways to define the colour of a slot? How to add a specific colour to a slot? I tried double clicking, right clicking and so on and no color pickers comes up.


We do need some sort of build protections, today there are vast swathes of pink voxels right across the whole alpha area… forcing avatars down below 0m and making them oscillate around Y= -0.3 (that is minus) and the screen flash (if gravity and collisions with voxels is on). I had to turn voxel collision off and dig out some voxels to reach my alpha server strip plot.


The observant would notice they are bigger than u can create using the build tools and not standard colored
which makes them script based.


@Caitlyn The strip can we have it back?
Back in olden times all given a plot of land to build on and it was good
If the land was Highfi owned and provided us each a meager amount of your s3 storage maybe we could do some community things there.
I’m kinda bored of the isolation and think 1 domain with every damn thing everyone made in it would maybe help get the ball rolling.
I wanna see all my stuff with @AlphaVersionD’s ship and kevs clubs and your playa stuff and everything.Maybe for the duration of the beta at the end we can all greedily snatch it all back.
I have been shamefully sneaking into second life for company and it makes me feel dirty and ashamed


Oh that’s so evil @judas :smiling_imp: Aiming for a complete graphics card meltdown. Put users in the dark… :grinning:

The devs better stop first with rendering things you not see.


So why 32 km domain
why not 25m


Because in a 25m doman with draw distance set to 1m, you can still melt down a graphics card. It is not the amount of space, but how well occlusion or diminution is performed. I believe that or something similar is in the works.


So 2 nos to communal building space explains why we don’t need chat
People don’t want to socialise inside hi-fi.its really more like unity than second life innit .that’s prob how it should be marketed


I, and I am fairly certain @Richardus.Raymaker also, were pointing out how presently concentrating people into highdensity communal experiences does not yet work well in HF. It has gotten much better, especially with recent fixes to the render pipe, but not quite there yet to handle content rich scenes.

As for community spaces, there is @Adrian’s Earth domain, a place with the potential for decent gatherings. There is your Music domain, my Conference domain. Why are there no people hanging out? Because much infrastructure is lacking still. To make sit devices, dance devices, music hangouts, interactive stuff and even inventory lockers or backpacks requires a ton of private development. It is going to be a while before all that gets sorted out.

The recent “make a pet” contest will at least point out the worst of the lack issues - forward progress on infrasturcture will take place because of that experiment.


Complete correct, my vive complete blackout at times in the last meeting, for seconds !


Forget it then
Don’t come to hifi it doesn’t work should be the message then, nice


Let’s look at it from a use perspective. To make a social gethering spot, what do we need? Some random needs come to mind:

  • Being able to walk over to a pod of comfy looking leather furniture and sit down
  • Sidle up to a bar, and sit on a bar stool
  • converse with people there [x] (voice chat works well)
  • share contact info or just share notes
  • walk over to a jukebox and select music to play
  • play darts
  • play checkers or chess with someone else
  • Show some WEB content [x] (but still a tad messy because no shared sessions)
  • go outside and join with others on the race course (sit on dynamic object)

Now, that should give a sense of the infrastructure that needs to be either developed or workign well enough to make those activities possible.

  • See that people are online
  • Inworld friends lists
  • Yes text chat , not sure how to combine that with HMD chat.


We dont have those things because its a development environment with a twist, like i said its basically unity.
they all build things in isolation and chat in a forum 2

Being unity may not be a bad thing tho