On Which Social VR Platforms/Virtual Worlds Do You Have a User Account?


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I did, but it seems a bit biased on HighFidelity right now. Most of the people did answer HF. “Most” meaning 8 people… :slight_smile:
Ah correction… Now there are 20 people more and HF is 23 2nd place. I think that this poll to be realistic should have at least 1000 answers :slight_smile:


Some of those worlds are offline though, like Cloud Party.

More accurate probably would “Use” instead of have an account in, since I do have SL account (3 accounts in total), AltSpace account, VRChat, Sinespace account, but I dont use them


Use to have alt space…trying out some new beta out there :monkey::roll_eyes: www.vritall.com


OH boy…

  • Second Life (8, but most I don’t ever use so more like 3 alts for testing and 1 main)
  • IMVU (still have a content developer license) (barely counts but apparently they’ve expanded the ‘world’ stuff)
  • AltSpace
  • VRChat


Results of the online poll are here:

I had 1,676 responses in total.