Onedrive to host models


If your interested in using onedrive to host models it can be done.
In firefox this is how I do it
select your model in onedrive
right click it then choose share one drive link
it will put the link ready to paste in a browser paste it and go to the download icon thing.
then right click it and down load it.
then in your downloaded files list right click it and choose “copy download link”

Then you will have the direct link ready to use in world.

Its a bit of a faff but works.


hmmm model that was working there has ceased to load, maybe their onto me


I found a webpage that said to change the shared link like this:!29596!29596

Note the change of the first resid to download in the link. This works for me to download directly; however, I am still not able to get the test cube with texture to show up. I have tried all of these options so far using 3DS MAX and a single diffused texture located in the same folder:

  • 2013 FBX ASCII
  • 2013 FBX ASCII with Embedded texture
  • 2013 FBX Binary
  • 2013 FBX Binary with Embedded texture
  • 2014 FBX ASCII
  • 2014 FBX ASCII with Embedded texture
  • 2014 FBX Binary
  • 2014 FBX Binary with Embedded texture


FYI, I abandoned using my free 1TB storage, unlimited download bandwidth on OneDrive. If using textures outside of the FBX, there is no valid reference to them. I am switching to now to test.


@VR_Architect Git Hub works well for me when I use the RAW link for a file from a project folder. I haven’t quite figure out how to access it from a Git Hub pages link though, or it there is a way to make a public folder using pages, so if you do find a way please do share it would make my URLs a bit shorter and manageable.


@Yuki look into for a pages info