Online/Offline domains


As of this afternoon, only locations in online domains should show up in the lobby.

Please make sure that you update your domain-server by restarting your stack managers and that you have an access token set for your domain in the domain-server settings.


@b I’m not seeing all the online locations in the lobby, I started a thread in troubleshooting to get more feedback.


@Adrian are they locations with images that are not in a domain that is restricted?

To show up in the lobby they have to be online and they also have to not be in a restricted domain.

We are moving over to the new place name system in the next couple of days (more on that later) so we may want to wait to troubleshoot this until that is done.


@b I dont believe the domain is restricted, what makes a domain restricted?


Hi @Adrian , you can now point your place name ( ) and I can take a look on our side.