Oops, how do I delete an object in world?


Okay, this is probably a really, really, hairbrainedly NOOB a thing to ask, but…

How do you delete something you unwittingly made in world, on someone’s nice, pristine domain? There doesn’t seem to be an obvious “Delete this prim” button in Interface. I mashed one of the big buttons on the right side of the Interface window, trying to track down a particular feature of the Interface, and it plopped a neat little red sphere on someone’s domain. Ai_Austin’s, I think. I don’t have a clue how to delete it again. I tried right-clicking that button, figuring maybe it would give me a help-menu or something, but instead it just made another little red sphere. oO Sorry Austin.

Is there a help guide somewhere that shows a screengrab of the current Interface, with each button in it labeled for what it does? I thought I remembered seeing something like that once, but have lost track of it.


For entity, click the entitiy. keep it clicked then press the backspace key
If its voxel, click the right mouse button if your in edit mode.
Or press ctrl-z for undo.


No problem… its is alpha time :slight_smile:

And I keep a backup of the various domain content files to restore back when I (frequently) place and immediately lose a mesh, or mess up my voxels. Modality of the edit buttons causes LOTS of problems that all need to be ironed out before beta stage.


All tidied up with edit objects mode on, left click and press backspace to remove the red spheres. There were 5 there. 3 identically placed and 2 others identically placed, so it visually looked just like two red spheres.