Open Alpha and Blogging?


@Chris, is it okay to post openly accessible blog posts now?


Something was said at the meeting about this, I’m 99% sure they said it was ok, however that 1% niggles at me, I think I was trying to resize my window at the time.

I would like an answer on this too though, if that’s possible it would be greatly appreciated.


I asked this on the “welcome to alpha” thread today and got a reply from “Coal” (or maybe my memory is bad as it is late - but the person that is in charge of the HF Google docs) that it was fine to blog and mention but it would be preferred it you REMEMBERED this was ALPHA.

Please look up my question and answer on that thread for more info. But yes, there is no NDA that you missed OKing your account :D. I wondered too. Always good to err on the side of caution.

Not sure how to reference a post but here is the info given to that question earlier:

Philip and Chris said during the last meeting that it is ok to post
about High Fidelity now since its open for all but they request that
people please not do a full on expose such as “This is why High Fidelity
is X over X” sort of thing. Its basically a request since its open
alpha but in general we do not want people thinking what they see in
High Fidelity right now is all it will EVER be if you get what I mean.
Now as to who I am… I do not work directly for High Fidelity but I
do work for High Fidelity. I manage the documents for High Fidelity.


Thanks folks, my set of posts are partially intended to document the developments and show progress… and they are definitely not in a negative tone.

So, for those interested in how things have been developing during the alpha stage… I have been blogging about my experiences as the platform developed both within the Alphas Forums and through my own blog… though, at the request of High Fidelity, these were not made publicly accessible. This sensibly allowed High Fidelity to decide when and what to make public as the platform and its capabilities developed.

My blog posts, 18 of them from 14th May 2014 to 1st April 2015, are now publicly accessible and can all be found via: