Open alpha (or beta) in 2015?


Quick question: is an open alpha (or public beta) planned in 2015?


Beta is in my eyes far away, for beta much more things need to work. Maby alpha, but @chris or @philip know that better.


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Yeah I doubt it will be open alpha, my guess would be a few more waves of new alpha testers, but I am sure they want this to stay hidden until it looks like a good one, too many people judge what they see by simply what they see, and some people can only see the bugs.
Many of the alpha testers coming thru here have had such limited vision that they have judged High Fidelity on what they have seen already, and judged it to be less that they expect. Which is why there are just a few core regular alphas.
Nobody advertises a new car by showing pics of the unfinished body because most people cant visualize. So they think it will always be unfinished.
An open alpha at this stage would invite destructive criticism from the vision-less public.


I imagine the security model would have to be pretty strong and well-tested before open-anything happens too! :smile:

I was accepted as alpha quite some months back, and while the system wasn’t up to my needs, even for playing with, then, it had so much potential (and a good alignment with the dev tools I consider - as a non-coder - to be good choices, I lurked until the time was right to get something [almost!] going). But it takes a bit of patience to do that (my choice of running on Debian certainly doesn’t make life easier for me, but I have learned an awful lot in the past week!)

I think it takes a certain kind of person to be content playing in an alpha software environment and the vetting process at this stage is likely the better option.


Lets say, few months ago things worked more easy and simple. This days im a bit hibernated with high fidelity because the broke so many things on windows that its not workable.

Latest new problem is that since 1668 avast is blocking the download. justy tfied 1670 it still refuse. and no i dont go disable a virusscanner. still try to work around it, no luck.


I think its a bit of a stretch to say windows is not workable, I struggle on with the difficulties.

The more features they include the more bugs there are going to be, thats the way it goes.

Alpha is not about polishing anything, thats what beta is for, alpha is about proving concepts and developing groundwork and basic shape and outline of systems, if they spent too much time fixing stuff they would never break any new ground.

Avast has a disable for 10 minutes option, good enough to download the interface, remember Avast is a virus protection not a firewall, and so long as you dont try to go to any websites or download anything else for the 10 minutes there is no risk.


Well,…, its not workable for me when the mouse pointer dissapears everytime your looking in the mneu’s not sure if its fixt now. because download still blocked. yup, just checked 1679 still blocked. Not going to disable the scanner before i know more, anyway its never a good idea to disable it. asked @chris already to send the file to avast, the asked that. I cannot send it because i cannot download it.

I think still its better to fix some bugs before you add new things and ore bugs. otherwise the bug list is piling up. and worklist is a bad bug reporting system. something like mantis would be nicer where not thing get passed after 30 days, that have so its own problems to because lots of bugs never get closed.

Its right now just to buggy for me to work with. Also learning new things now that i think i can use with High Fidelity.


want me to drop box it to u ?


@judas, we can try. thanks. but good change its still tripping the scanner.


So I see that the alpha is now open!

Can everyone sign up?


Necromancer :wink:

And yes, everyone can sign up.