Open URL in users browser from script?


Is there a way to open a URL in the users default browser from script?


Not sure yet.

Although this sounds very exploitable though, considering that we can force scripts on to people in regions: so you could force a script on a person entering the domain, then force the script to open a website.


Well there could be a confirmation popup asking if they are sure they want to let it happen.

The web by nature is exploitable though, which is why anti-virus is big business. HiFi is just the web 2.0, albeit in 3D VR. I see no reason why scripts should not be forcible, or why URLs can’t open in a browser. Maybe somebody can make a popup blocker :stuck_out_tongue:


This seems technically possible and pretty straightforward in QT; I’m unclear on how to work around the ramifications for abuse that @Menithal mentioned. For example, entity scripts have a preload method that gets run whenever a user is in range – what’s to prevent me from opening my spam page or a virus/trojan attack vector on everyone? Maybe if we can talk it through and come up with some kind of solution, but off the top of my head I got nothing. I can think of a bunch of cool use cases… hmm.

bool QDesktopServices::openUrl ( const QUrl & url ) [static]


confirmation window would put us at parity with most places (“You’re leaving Facebook…”) — but a couple of bad experiences or a really well-framed phishing attack would be bad. also lots of confirmation windows could itself be annoying. anyone seen articles or blog posts elsewhere about this topic?


That’s no different than surfing the web.


Sure, but there are some different ways to handle opening content – mobile safari, for example, won’t play video until there’s a user interaction. We could potentially do something similar – i.e. restrict opening an external page to an onClick or onGrab callback or something more active than simply entering/exiting a zone, and not necessarily by directly calling the function that opens the external browser.


Authentication, payment, social media “shares”, downloads, anything that would be better presented in 2D without vr, anything that can easier be done in a browser than HiFi. I imagine a lot of people will be wanting to advertise, especially if large corporations give VWs a second chance.