OpenAvatar support


can we have support for OpenAvatar by vastpark


How do you get any files? I can’t find anything to download.

#3 here is where to get the files


Naturally since we can import any avatar model into HF as long as the model is in FBX. So its not a question of adding support, but more of just exporting it from max to be usable in any other application (I dont have max to do so).

Unfortunately It seems that project has died off since there has not been an update to the avatar since 2011, and the website seems to be broken (the download page, and you can only find the model from the documents) so not sure if the creator is still active to maintain that model.


I tried the openavatar model specification when it came out, but there was no support for it. the only support is an old vrml model

USC has come up with its SmartBody:

SmartBody is a character animation platform originally developed at the USC Institute for Creative Technologies. SmartBody provides locomotion, steering, object manipulation, lip syncing, gazing, nonverbal behavior and retargeting in real time.

SmartBody is written in C++ and can be incorporated into most game and simulation engines. SmartBody is a Behavioral Markup Language (BML) realization engine that transforms BML behavior descriptions into realtime animations. SmartBody runs on Windows, Linux, OSx as well as the iPhone and Android devices.


certainly this would give some interaction with games and the teaching very interesting thanks for sharing


Thank you for these links.


I have downloaded SmartBody, still meaning to see if it can prove useful.
I got it for Unreal mostly but they don’t have a current integration, this would need low level integration into HiFi, so not sure how beneficial it might be considering that yet.
Not sure how that ties into OpenAvatar either, also with OA they claimed to support FaceGen so there would be license implications I assume.


well I am still trying to decide for UE4. If I get time (so much CNN, watching TV, and sleeping) I plan to build a external virtual character. It was done with SL and Opensimulator so it shouldn’t matter what the interface looks like, you just need to make the calls.of course they all stand around and do nothing.

With Unity all the stuff is in C# (mono) and they don’t have the c++ source for you to hack. But UE4 you have the source. Once you build it for UE4, you might have enough to port to HiFi. Um, no make that calls to the engine that does that for you.

I advocated the use external client-server for virtual character (NPCs) for a long time. I still want to do that. The is a little literature of how to do this in a game engine but almost nothing for external software.


OpenAvatar I gave up but I forgot why. I really need for someone to outline how to build a external virtual character with the model, interactions, and AI. SL has pathfinding but with blocks chasing after each other, not NPCs. And you can’t call from an external clients. Opensimulator has “bot” calls but its in LPL. SL had LPL calls through C# but gave up. Opensimulator has c# instead of LPL but I have only seen one example.

Radegast (a c# client) has all the interface to SL or Opensimulator, so you could built SmartBody and then deal with how to control things.It feeds you information on distance to things and avatars but not sizes.

models is relatively easy if you already have your mesh avatar. of course SL and Opensimulator has .dae and HiFI has .fbx.


I assume for path finding someone will have to integrate A*/ typical navmesh stuff, I haven’t got into anything like AI NPCs yet, but it’s one of my main areas of interest going forward.


Ever NPC needs a way to move around. Pathfinding is easier way to handle movement than brute force. there are several web articles for SL with basic one
that will be enough to give you headaches, The defaults for all objects are walkable, movable obstacle, or movable phantom. HiFi should have some thing like this too.

This will help
but now the SL client has pathfinding in it, so you could go over to Test and use any region for testing. The most interesting one for me is water. I don’t know if Opensimulator has pathfinding.


Once again, there should be a pathfinding module that can be use by any client/server. Opensimulator for a long time had a module by realXtend that has meshes but no one was able to use it because the client didn’t know about it until the SL client implemented it. Then Opensimulator was able to finish implementing it in less than a day.

Or at least properties like a door that is movable with , or water that is <2" or 100’>.
This is not avatar or NPC properties but needed by them. Otherwise, everything is static. well not really but you know what I mean. the tree still fall over.