OpenGL ES 3.2 and OpenGL New extensions


What does this mean basically mobile is catching up to desktop graphics Just look at this link found below with a beautiful rendered avatar

Nvidia have just released new drivers with Supports OpenGL 2015 ARB extensions and OpenGL ES 3.2

and there is some good news for the shaders for desktop graphics as well

add support for multi-threaded shader compilation in OpenGL, with the goal of cutting down on loading times on shader-heavy workloads. Improved 64-bit integer support will also be coming to OpenGL as part of this extension set; 64-bit integers are still fairly rare in graphics workloads, but with many GPUs now supporting them, there are times where the extra precision is useful. And last but not least of course, as has been the case for the last few iterations of OpenGL, there will also be extensions to enable full OpenGL ES 3.2 interoperability, primarily to support developers in creating OpenGL ES applications.

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