OpenGL message “Request for more GPU memory than is available"


Occasionally I get an error something like: OpenGL message “Request for more GPU memory than is available" and the program gives me a request to use the debug feature of… well, it’s not a debug that sends info to HiFi. Anyone else getting this?

I’m on Win10 Pro 64
AMD FX 8320 Eight-Core Processor
32gigs of ram
NVidia GeForce GT-520

The bug dialog sends me here, btw:

This is while I was on Playa


Right now many of the domains, including the default home content, use a large amount of textures. Additionally, while it’s in progress, currently we don’t have a good system to limit texture usage so that in a low texture memory situation we degrade the quality gracefully.

If you go into the settings menu and enable the developer menu, and then do into Developer / Render / Maximum Texture Memory and set it to something like 512 or 256, it may allow you to go into domains that use lots of texture memory, although it will reduce the overall quality of the content.

You can also start with an empty domain and start building content that uses either minimal or low resolution textures. Other than that, all you can do is either get a GPU with more texture memory or wait for us to create a new texture pipeline that automatically handles low memory better. It’s on my roadmap and it’s near the top.


Well, it only happens occasionally for me, so I guess I’ll wait for the new texture pipeline thingy. SOME point along the line I’ll probably buy a beefier video card, but it will be at my leisure.