Opensource option to faceshift?


There is any opensource option to faceshift, I’m curious about it.


Currently not that I know of: So for now we are stuck with using the normal camera tracking, which should open source. :slight_smile:

What the interface does is basically poll an interface that the Faceshift has open, and uses that information to change the avatars blendshapes on the fly.

#3 not free

seems a few things around hifi has the dde built in that works with a webcam
would be nice if that had gui

its interesting technology all stuck waiting for a dominant capture system to emerge.


Interesting, so lets say that I create shapekeys… I have to buy faceshift so I can incorporate them and make it work in HiFi if I want to upload my own avatar and make it work even with the normal camera tracking?


you dont need faceshift , u just need to make a fst file thats a tex file that hooks up the blendshapes to the facial tracking.
I did a post that i hope hasnt gone out of date 2 much a while back on how to do it


Ohh ok, now I’m more clear, thanks a lot Judas.


I suggest also taking a peek at the generalized standards suggestion I wrote a while back

It covers everything from skeletons to blendshapes, naming conventions and custom stuff.


I found this back in the archives too:

Looks unfinished as far as interfaces go, but it is OSS so could likely be pulled in and adapted.