Option to move entitiy in create by (cursor) keys


I talked about this long ago. But because it’s still extreme hard to move and align objects. It would be nice to have the following option that m kae build more easy.

Move the entity with the cursor key’s and pgup and down or better witch custom defined keys. It reall rocks and works perfect in blender, i use iot lot’s. Doing this have lot’s of good things. Because with large objects like my house or the road from @Adrian on earth are almost impossible to move and align with the current setup.

It would be option that need to have soemthing like this.

[ ] Move entity by keys
    ( ) Position
    ( ) Rotation

[ 0.01 ] Step

After enable it then you can move your avatar to the bottom, or edge try to get a good viewand align it with the keys. while the normal movement thing is so far away that you cannot grab it correct in the current way.

Besides, Moving objects with mouse not allow you to move it in small steps.


I would really ++1 this one. Editing in HF is still a pain. edit.js from ctrlaltstudio did ease a lot but that script is not supported any more. Small interface friendly settings like this would be real good. BTW: it is not easier to model using VR, very often it is even worse. Also vr interaction would benefit from such helpers activating it with controllers and some kind of special gesture interaction…