Option to resize font in high fidelity for all text


Since the change font are more the same size everywhere. but the get much harder to read. And worried it dont get better on smaller screen. Where can i change the font dpi ?
Or when is that option add. The font is just to tiny !


his topic is still valid. and it working with high fidelity would be so much better if the font can be scaled and changed. to something that’'s relaxed to read.

Except the menu font, that’s a good scale and font type and nice relaxed readable, looks like that font at least use the windows DPI setting…

But, Script editor , Enties properties , etc. are tiny. I know you can change that yourself. but in alpha stage it’s better if it can be change at one place and not get wiped with every update. And using cutom script is not good to, because the many updates.


@Richardus.Raymaker hey – not sure about a global option for now (agree that would be nice, and for Accessibility reasons is probably something we should do soon). BUT in the meantime, for edit.js if you want everything to be bigger (it will mess with layout a little since everything is not responsive) just add a line like this to /examples/html/style.css

* {
        font-size: 16.0pt !important;

would be nice if webOverlays supported standard browser controls for increasing zoom/font size (ctrl + / - )


Is this btw still valid for QML, besides it’s not a nice process because it need to be redone with every update.

High Fidleity really need asap to larger font support. The only window where the made the font size correct is the assets directory list box. and trhe menu’s but imprtant things like the edit tools are still not useable or very hard to use.


Go check in here:

C:\Program Files\High Fidelity\resources\qml

that is where I’ve been hunting lately.


Thaks, catched anything ? :slight_smile:
Anywsy, changing files with this speed of ipdates, i need to delay it a bit. first need to update and finish my work.

the the game… js to take a quick look at.


I’ve made a couple of stabs at working on this. The trick is not to modify the font sizes, but to mess with the scale value on the Desktop.qml. However, modifying the scale while getting all the windows to behave properly is non-trivial, and I haven’t had a chance to work out the kinks. Once I do, we’ll be able to add a ‘scale UI’ option in the preferences panel, or possibly just a scale control to each window so that users can directly control the scale of a given part of the UI.


WOuld be nice, just found the particles and menu. But it’s barly readable here.