Origin points really need to work

When I create a 3D Model I set its origin point
This can be the center or on an edge or anywhere I choose .
If I’m working with say the land in my domain I would set it to the middle of the bottom of the object.
At the moment HIfi doesn’t recognize these and I think just uses a mid point somewhere.
The problem with this is if i change my model a bit then replace it in world it no longer lines up as the perceived mid point has moved.
The origin point also needs to serve as the point around which the model rotates.

Heres the problem , if we suddenly made these work I guess everything in world would move but I think the gain would be worth the annoyance in the long term

It can be adjusted in High Fidelity in the Edit script:

By default its set to the middle of the entity, but if you _adjust the Registration (which is incorrect, it should just be the pivot point), you can change the pivot point by % of the model dimensions.

Better make a big earthquake now then let’s say in 12 months.

Im going to give up if the solution to everything is scripting
let the F"$£% scripters make the place look good
If were supporting fbx lets support the format not just some of it
its allready nuts having to position lights manually in world

You can use the already existing edit script to do the adjustment.

“Origin” is a blender syntax. there are issues with fbx and pivots in a lot of engines.

gives up in world assembly its not fit for purpose

origin pivot point i dont care about the semantics, u know what i mean

re there are issues with fbx and pivots in a lot of engines.

so ours has to have the same problems or am i allowed to make a suggestion?

Reading back your comments have nothing to do with what I asked for
where did i say i want to be able to edit a script

the post was origin points need to work
not no it cant or edit this script
emphasis on need

I meant the existing edit.js script has this functionality already. Not having to do it via script (even if that is doable too!).

points to question being about origin points needing to work

unfathomal concept about being to mark a point in a fbx model

I agree, it does need work but you have to make sure everything works before you do it.
I had to read up on it some more and do some quick tests to be sure.

Modern Blender FBX does have the origin/pivot information in the exported fbx, so there is that.

For now however, the Registration values have worked. But as you said, some who have placed alot of models, like you, @Adrian or the high fidelity would have to spend alot of time recentering everything.

at the moment if i do this

the replaced model will move in world
which is daft

For now, I suggest placing the “Registration” point with Y = 0, adjusting the position first to the correct place, and then start updating the model
As I said the default point places it in the center of the entire model center. As you change overall dimensions of the model, the center position also changes. If you set it to the bottom of the model, then relatively it should adjust fine.

Yes I can work around it
here’s a thought if i mark it out as a thing that could be fixed then I wouldn’t have to.

Go all the way.
Set registration points to zero on all 3 axes.
this will be the bottom left front, always no matter what changes you make, that corner will be your reference point and it wont change.

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or make it respect origin points now there’s an idea

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Yeah or that, good luck with that :slight_smile:

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Also my way would mean when you attach a gun to your hand the origin point and the hand bone would touch so you wouldn’t have to fanny about moving it around so much lining it up which would make for a better user experience.

I’m in favor of making stuff easier for users

Thats a bit more difficult. Persumes every avatar is of the same size. Youd additionally need
to have the ability to define the attachment point on the hand (in the skeleton) and have the object origin align with that.

Its all so friking diffucult. I was jsut tryin to get smokey to move a few things around and pretty the place up. She can do all this stuff in sl
but trying to edit lights is total hell
challenge, get someone into hifi and watch them try to do anything
The spotlights are hilarious to try to use they have a bunch of meaningless properties.
I squirm watching people try to do anything
A guy arrived in my domain earlier and all i could hear was that geiger counter collision sound coming from his mic


This is a good suggestion, and we will consider how to integrate this and make it easier. However, by way of explanation, I want to clarify why the system behaves the way it does.

When we first implemented support for models, we found that many of the models we got from public marketplaces like TurboSquid, would have model points that were nowhere near the FBX origin. We’d find models that had points several hundred or thousand units away from the origin. There appeared to be no rhyme or reason to where the content was “centered” or placed in the FBX coordinate space.

So we felt it would make more sense to novice users if we simply snapped to center (of the points of the meshes of the FBX).

Supporting the origin being an assumed point in the mesh point cloud, and setting the “registration point” to be the origin of the FBX would be possible to do, although I don’t think it would make sense to do that by default (based on the models I’ve seen out in the wild… most model artists appear to not use this approach).

There would still be some challenges… that might cause moving a single point to still distort your model in world… namely if you moved a point so that it was outside of the bounding box of the union of all mesh points. This would cause us to “resize to fit”. But if your model editing was always within the bounds of the the existing mesh, you’d get the behavior you wanted.

Anyway… we will think about this more and add this to our product backlog, and see if/when/how we can slot it in based on other projects.

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