Origin points really need to work


@menithal and HF developers. All static properties of an entity need to be settable as part of an entity’s upload; that is, it needs to properly support in the model. This is true for entities, this is true for avatar models. Yes, registration adjustments can be done after the fact by a script (event the standard edit script). That there are such workarounds is no longer a proper excuse for a beta level product.

Either get the system architecture fixed now or this product is going to suffer mightily when these huge inconsistencies have to get fixed later when a ton of content has been created.

This is a great time to go through everything and to ensure that the architecture is consistent and correct. Every day that goes by with more hacks makes it that much harder to make the product jell properly on its way to production status.


Maybe make it so that if the registration point is defined, if not use model defined pivot point instead.

@Balpien.Hammerer i did state that i agree it should be done, but meant to show the work around anyway in the first post, because i had to make sure Blender exported the origin information in the FBX exporter (it does) as there been issues Ive read up with the same thing in other engines from way back.
Just a matter both of us misunderstanding what each other wrote.


Maybe a ‘sanity-check’ approach:

If the imported model’s origin is outside its bounding box, default the origin to the center of the bounds.

If the imported model’s origin is inside its bounding box, default the origin to that.

Then people who make their models with sensible origins get precision and people importing random junk off the wider Internet aren’t left wondering “Dude! Where’s my Import?”


Maybe a check box option


Simplest solutions are best


I just wanted to suggest this to, you won !
Checkbox gives both options and not ruine current content .


Hello, reviving this old thread to ask if this has been resolved yet? - I’ve recently started working in HiFi and noticed about these random pivot positions, it makes it impossible to have modular kits of assets, or even to work iteratively - I should be able to add boxes representing my final assets while im blocking in a level, and then later swap out that geo, without every one of them moving randomly in the scene.

I did assume this might be a novice friendly approach, but we need the option of turning that off and working to industry standards, or you will just drive people away in frustration.


No not yet
Objects do have a pivot point that can be set

would be nice if this could be set by the Objects origin point


@ZappoMan Thanks for the explanation. Could you tell us where in the code this is done please? I’ll need to change it so it uses the FBX origin.

Here’s the bug report: