Oscillating Voxel detail levels


Interesting effect in the sandbox, now that it contains larger and more detailed structures.

I position myself some distance from the build and see approximately 11K voxels drawn at around 56FPS. After a bit ( 10-15 seconds) the view refreshes and now I get 15K voxels drawn, but the FPS falls back to just above 30FPS. In the next refresh ( I’m assuming to push my FPS up again), back to 11K voxels and the higher FPS. If I don’t move, this flip flopping seems to be continuous, with the same level of detail popping into view and then morphing back.

It seems to me that interface should “remember” the level of detail when a scene or position remains stable and “settle” or maintain a level of detail that does not push the view over the already determined frame rate limit…