Other Avatars are not visible, No sound, No Voxels


I can see voxels/structures (e.g. in the Sandbox domain), but cannot see other users.
Is there any way to restore default settings - I’ve read that you can delete a .ini file that will effectively do this.
Anyone else having this experience?


Are you on Mac or PC, and which # build have you downloaded?


Hi @BluemanSteele, I’m on a Mac - Mavericks using build #636
I have had the same issue with all recent builds - preferably would like to restore original settings in case I’ve inadvertently tweaked something that’s caused this.

Updated to build #649
Tried deleting Interface.ini

  • No other avatars visible, no sound. No voxels.
  • Not much else I can do to resolve this.


I am new here but with great interest but i seem to have the same problem, a white glowing planetiod with a small moon, voice does not work and i cannot see anybody else.


Hi @Biggaglitch and @bazm0 when you look at the title bar of Interface what does it say?


Thank you for reply
No mine says (build 738) - c0.00000000

win 7 64bit
i5 4.3
8 gig mem
hd 7870 card


@Biggaglitch do you see ‘sandbox.highfidelity.io’ ?


Using a Macbook Pro Mavericks OSX - 8 GB DDR3 - 2.5 GHz Core i5


Hi @bazm0 can you email me and we can setup a time to do a screen share.


Hi Chris,
No I see localhost


Hi @Biggaglitch you need to connect to the Alpha domain. Go to File>Go to Domain. then type in sandbox.highfidelity.io

If you have connected to the Sandbox you will then see “sandbox.highfidelity.io” up the top.


Thanks guys, the stun server port (3478) was being blocked by local firewall rules, all good now.