Other reason to have decentralized currency and domains !?




Its just getting worse


As a uk citizen we allready dont have privacy.We have the policy that anyone wishing to hide anything is obviouly a criminal . Nationally our bathroom doors are being replaced with clear glass so we can check what your doing at all times.
Resistance is futile


Actually I had a rethought.

This means alot of the big companies must bring in new datacenters into Europe to avoid any issues with clients and privacy and become transational corporations (instead of having HQ in US). Which would mean Meaning less datacenters in US… meaning less jobs in the US…

But short hand it will effect AWS the most.

Has he thought this through at all?


Would mean it’s good for europese market.

Has he thought this through at all?

He thinks ?


That’s exactly what will happen the database will just be stored somewhere else


I think only moving the database is not enough. As long the company is settled in the USA. Companies need to setup new companies in europe i think. Let’s say “microsoft europe”

As far i know if the company have main office in USA the can request access to data outside the USA on servers from that company. But the old EU-US Privacy Shield gives more protection. If that drops companies just need to handle every request i think or going to court etc.

Yes it’s a while ago i followed stuff like this, so i can be wrong to.


There was a case where they did ask for some information because they were based in Europe It got denied by the company and country so never happened


Possible because “safe harbor” in that time.
But now. What if tehre’s nothing of all where this topic started with.

How long can a company deny access ?


Not at all. Axis B disorder, narcissist. But then, in the U.S. anyone could be president. The elimination of privacy and the basic reciprocity of protecting aliens (aka non-citizens) on guest soil, makes the U.S. a rogue country. I think there will be a ton of litigation against that presidential order. Grab some popcorn, sit back, enjoy the show.

But getting back to the Original Post, no amount of decentralize currency would fix this issue because thinking that fixes the problem assumes there is unfettered, no interference with the internet.


In the USA anyone can be president as long as electoral college picks you as a candidate. Not like voters get a choice. We don’t even actually vote for a president, we cast our vote for a representative who promises to vote for a candidate (but is not required to actually vote for that candidate).