Our System Architecture



Philip wrote up a great, detailed explanation on the High Fidelity System Architecture. Check it out, and feel free to comment on the blog.



@G, @philip,
Which services do you see as being potential bottlenecks? If you had to pick one service for someone to run as a headless daemon to “help the network”, which would it be?


I don’t think the system services will be bottlenecks. What we will most want/need is PC devices on stable, well-connected networks to get into the assignment client cloud where they can become audio, avatar and other servers that require low-latency and longer run times.


I would be interested in helping out with that. :slight_smile:


Whats well connected network. cable networks in this country are not really bad.
and speeds are pretty high you can get up to 18Mbit upload and 180Mbit down.
have myself 90/9 thats local uin the lan network limited for some devices like
the desktop and a virtual world server so the dont bite each other.

adsl i dont see as good solution, because the poor
upload 800kbit most in this country and aroundf 4Mbit or more download.


Trying to get me head around this. So my client is my interaction with the metaverse… my own personal virtual space and my avatar is stored on my 'contributed device", such as my computer of mobile device? or is my avatar and Space stored on a hosting service?


Hi Loki! The HF servers will be run by different people (as they are open source and easily installed) and can store/reference assets (like your avatar’s model file) at different locations. In practice, when you are moving around from server to server, your avatar’s various descriptive files will need to be stored in some sort of publicly accessible location. We will provide ones (we do today with public.highfidelity.io), and doubtless there will be others. A ‘contributed device’ refers to a computer that is running an ‘assignment client’ that is doing work for other people in their virtual worlds. Right now, to test this process, people are running assignment clients against the alpha version of high fidelity (alpha.highfidelity.io domain server).

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