@Ozan's New Standard Female Avatar


So what do you guys think of the new girl?

The cute little Merys look a bit intimidated! :smiley:**

I like her! I think she is plausible, cool, sexy and fierce,

Now, can she be easily manipulated? That is the question.
Will she be pliant in our hands?
Can we make her what we want her to be?

Quick, @ozan You better get a male counter-part in here fast or there will be gender wars!

What shall we name her? I suggest “Azure
–> edit: she is already named Sintel My bad. Sorry Ozan. *(*psst…love her!)


<3 Sintel. Having spent several hours over the past week trying to decipher the open source ‘lite’ version of her character to no avail, I was thrilled to see that Ozan managed to successfully import a version of Sintel into High Fidelity using Maya and Mixamo. I would however greatly appreciate a workflow that is demonstrated entirely in Blender, where the Sintel animated film and character were originally created in 2010. This will give us all a more rigorous and contextual understanding of the interoperability between open source 3d platforms, namely Blender, and High Fidelity, so that we can hopefully all move forward with consensus.


Just tested with walk.js 1.25 beta - that’s Maya and Mixamo avis confirmed as compatible with the script now :smile: Now if we can just figure out what’s going on with those weird MakeHuman joint orientations…

the arms are swinging a little too far forwards, and the thumbs are colliding
with the thighs, but overall, I think we can say the script and avi are compatible.

@Ozan - let me know when we can do that female walk - I’m starting to see a need!

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or so to say Blender orientations :slight_smile: that’s where the main issue lies, not MakeHuman.

Anyway, @Ozan beat me to it, but as we heard during the meet he had cleaned the model in Blender and then exported it to Maya where he did the armature and the shapekeys/blendshapes: this is where most of the issues get “solved” (since the main issue is armature rotations and the post/pre rotation use) What Id like to see is a solution for the earlier worklist item, or a fix from Blender’s end.

However, on **Blender’s side its harder to do as fbx support is now in a working order for UE4 and Unity ** (if it is the only software used), and Autodesk has still not fixed their FBX standard documentation (since it provides both as an option and cant decide one or the other), and High Fidelity is not a big player yet, so there is no push to do post-pre rotations on Blender’s side and unfortunately, all my attempts to fix that my self have not really worked due to my inability to do Matrice math yet.

I am just releasing my Sintel av progress here, just note that its mostly incomplete (No hair, weight painting is off, but it does have shapekeys) as its probably easier to re-import ozans fbx to blender. Instead of continuing on this, I am going to grab one of the male models from Sintel (I have one of the backer CDs) and import it into High Fidelity so that @Ozan could look into the differences in the blender export and maya (since this is the root cause of all the issues and complaints, Standardization aside Maya Human-IK / Mixamo is perfectly fine and faceshift too).

Also: @Ozan / @chris noticed that the marketplace release just says Sintel avatar: should have appended “© Blender Foundation - www.sintel.org” ; as per say their Creative Commons License.


I am not as concerned with “consensus,” but a Blender workflow would be beneficial.


Hi, I just made a mod, but I am not sure where to grab the .fst. Is there one available? Thankees.


Hi @DrFranny here you go https://hifi-public.s3.amazonaws.com/marketplace/contents/b6d2ff15-b3bf-4159-a47e-117823854ae8/8ca010a0a563091782a0034e39e2eae6.fst


Thanks, wrestling with her now.