Packet of type ... received from unknown node with UUID QUuid


I see lots of these messages when I arrive in a domain, and that includes the strip at

What are these and how can they be fixed?

[2014-08-05T11:48:34] Packet of type 11 received from unknown node with UUID QUuid("{680bbe51-85d3-4731-9292-4f9ec55f99ca}")

[2014-08-05T11:47:59] Packet of type 3 received from unknown node with UUID QUuid("{11fa0869-546e-4d8c-b2b1-9eb0cdb8e58d}")


@Ai_Austin I get a lot of those when I’m having trouble with ACs (servers) constantly disconnecting. Once disconnected, Interface forgets the UUID of the sending node (the sending node being the recently disconnected AC) - so is reported as an ‘unknown node’ when packets continue to be received.

As for the cause - no idea I’m afraid! This is one for @birarda I think…


It’s basically exactly what @davedub said - these messages themselves are not problematic and usually appear when you are switching domains or are constantly losing and re-adding servers.