Packing textures into FBX - Blender Noob asking!


Total Blender noob, still recovering from trauma trying out 3DS MAX in 1993.

I’m trying to export an FBX from Blender.
It’s UV mapped with a diffuse material and I’m very proud of myself.

It won’t pack the texture.

I’ve looked at this thread: Cannot get Textures to import with models

I’ve made sure I set and check set path to copy and embed.
I’ve also set packing on the textures into the .blend file, just in case.

Still no joy.


The docs have much conflicting info on importing models to HiFi… but that’s not news.


Look at Wojak… he’s so sad… he wants to be worn as a pin in HiFi but he has no export license! :frowning:


Hmm, I’ve had no trouble getting things from Blender to HF if everything is setup correctly & it certainly sounds like you’ve got the correct settings, but just to be completely sure:


Export “Selected Objects” (making sure you’ve actually selected the correct one(s)).
Path Mode should be set to Copy and be sure that the Embed Textures thingy is set (see pic).

Failing that, track me down in-world and I’ll give it a look in person. :smiley:


Looks exactly the same.
The mesh was exported, even surprised me when I doubled clicked and it opened in Windows 3D viewer… but no textures and the file size is tiny, exactly the same as when I did not have the settings correctly, 33KB.

I saw conflicting information in the docs whether I should be using node materials, texture size and so on… but that should break HiFi, not the Blender export…

Do I need Menithal’s plugin?


You cannot export the nodes from blender while using Cycles Render. The system is for internal image and video rendering. In order to bring it into high fidelity you will have to bake it to a texture and reapply the texture in blender render.


Can you explain in more detail?

I watched Menithal’s tutorial and from two years ago and it looked like he was using nodes…


OK I think I see how I misinterpreted Menithal’s video.

Still experimenting.


Now my problem is to find tutorials on the non-node material workflow in Blender…


Here’s an example of my material workflow.

(please notify me if this link is down. Sometimes my server likes to throw a hissy fit)

(Hi Veritas.)


There are some benefits to using Cycles Render. Baking in lighting and shadows. Procedurally generated textures. The only problem is you cannot expert any of that directly. You have to baked the material into a texture and then reapply it later.


Wish I had’ve seen this when I started to upload stuff to the marketplace. Great tute for newbies.


I’m glad you like it and I apologize for now publicizing it as well as I should have.
I’ll be making more tutorials soon.


Do you mind if I link to it from my website?


You are more than welcome to.