PanelTalk with Philip --> Sat. 10/14, 10:45am PDT in Zaru


Join @draxtor & me for a panel talk with @philip in front of a real life audience in Munich’s Volkstheater :sunglasses:

Our event is going to take place in Zaru on Saturday, October 14th, 10:45am-11:30am PDT.
It’s being presented by one of the coolest tech conferences in Germany - the Zündfunk Netzkongress - and it’s going to be covered on Bavarian public radio & tv.

I’m super excited about - and totally looking forward to this!
And I’d be mega happy to see many friendly faces in the VR audience while I’ll give my best not to stumble off stage IRL :wink:



Thanks for all your hard work XaosPrincess on this event! Looking forward to attending later today. I’ve put on 100’s of these as webcasts, panels, etc. but not in VR - and that certainly adds to the complexity by a factor of 10x.


DRAX Deutschlands liebestes Kind der Lindens :frowning: der letzte mit dem ich was zu tun haben will


Sry all for my loading mess at the event.
We were promised a 50/50 connection.
We had a peak of 200 in download.
But it turned out that I was connected with no more than 5/5.
Don’t know why.
The testing in the European morning and at noon went fine.
Thank you all for attending, I hope you had fun :purple_heart:


Xaos, you did a great job organising the event and the testing went perfectly once we taught and helped Draxtor how to do things. You could not have tried any harder. It is a great shame that you were let down by others on the day. We even did the singing together ping test that Philip has suggested in the past. I guess the live show gremlins are always lurking in the shadows. Keep up the great work. I look forward to collaborating with you in the future.


Thank you so much @Piper.Peppercorn!
This really means a lot to me :purple_heart:


Yes, I second what Piper said above - thank-you for going out on a limb to do such a cutting edge tech event. I think the many, many hours you spent pulling this together was def. a learning experience in doing events in VR…then adding to that doing it live with Philip present! I’ve produced 100’s of these types of events in my professional life in the physical world - and live is a whole different level of stress as a producer. So, thank-you for all your efforts and your teams efforts to try this experiment. Well worth it! And I look forward to more of these types of events happening in the future smoothly and elegantly based on your pioneering work.


Thank you @Andrew23 :slight_smile:
Your words feel really good to read!
As a producer I’m happy how well the event went.
Just for me as a performer it went not optimal…
Next time I’m gonna make sure that we’re gonna have an admin (who doesn’t have to go inworld) following & reacting to the log screens & speed checks :wink:


Here’s the recording @M.L did of our panel talk (thanx so much!!) :sunglasses:


And here’s @draxtor’s podcast on the event (thanx so much too!!):

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