Parent entities, not rescale when parent is rescaled in edit.js


Working on minigolf game. I needed to make a small adjustment.
So whjat you do, link them by parent the entities. That works fine with moving around.

But as soon you start to rescale , things brake. my light enties are not rescaled and also now after rescaling the parent the are on the wrong place. SOmething not working like expected.

Now, back to the painfull process of placing things back. And it’s pain because the arrows in edit.js are always conflicting with the resize cubes. and the Y arrow is always to high placed.


No, scale doesn’t currently propagate from parent to child. You’ll need to explicitly scale the children for now.


Hi @Jherico, I could imagine a possible use case where I would prefer certain children entities do NOT scale after parent scale.

Is is possible in the future, when this code gets revisited, to make such a feature a checkbox item?

Use case (very poor example but all I can think of at the moment):
I build a rudimentary game that involves a rolling ball, some trap doors, and some walls.
I manage to get walls and holes parented to the game “board”.
I notice some of my child walls need to be scaled just slightly down from the rest.
I would then uncheck ‘scale with parent’ for those specific walls, perform my mods, and then re-engage the checkbox.

Can something like that exist? Thanks in advance.


I’d suggest if you want to scale all the children of an entity at the same time as the parent, select the parent plus all the children then scale the multiple selection. (And adjust the positions of the scaled entities to maintain relative proportions of their positions.) … This is what my edit.js script does. This lets the user scale just the parent, just a child, or some multiple combinations of parent and children.