Parent Joint Index


How does this work?

I must be missing something because I can’t get this to work, nor can I find any documentation on it or forum posts. And when I try random low values like 0, 1, 2, etc it doesn’t parent. How can I find the index number of a bone I’m trying to parent something to?

For reference, I’m talking about the box at the bottom of this screenshot.


Quickest not scripting way is to look at the fst of the model you want to parent a joint to, if it is a avatar. You also have to put in the Parent ID as well.


Parent Joint index is basically the joint in the parent’s armature which the entity inherits as the parent.
If you use

You get the array of the joint names. The index is the position of the joint in the array or
you can use Entity.getJointIndex("JointName"); to get the joint Index, which returns a -1 if a joint is not found.

If you mesh consists of multiple mesh, they can also appear as “Joints”, but can still result it being the main body (not any of the joints), so best use the which getJointIndex gives instead.

As a sidenote as an improvement idea, that setter should really just look it for you instead of giving one a number value to play around with