Parenting - a copied entity still have the old parent ID


Not sure its a bug - or not - but the way it works is not really helpful. I have a street lamp entity and I want link a light entity. Now, when the lamp entity is copied, the new entity don’t get a new light entity. It still has the parent ID from the original model, instead of a copy light entity.

I guess in the past it worked the way it should, hmm.


Assuming the lamp is the parent and the light is the child:

  • If you copy just the lamp you’ll get just a new lamp.
  • If you copy just the light you’ll get a new light parented to the lamp (i.e., two lights parented to the lamp).
  • If you copy the light and the lamp at the same time, you’ll get a new lamp plus light with the new light parented to the new lamp.

Each of these can be useful, depending on what you’re trying to do.

NOTE: At least, the above is what is supposed to happen with my entities editor; I haven’t tested with the “official” entities editor.


Thanks @ctrlaltdavid, I just stuck in ‘SL thinking’ :slight_smile: - yeah, that works.