Particle data gets messed up during export svo


I discovered this by testing my mini golf entry, I have used particles quite extensively and had to tune the results to what I wanted. So I was noticing some differences between the original build and the exported/imported svo.json thats hosted on the marketplace server.

Some very noticeable changes, in some cases numbers less than 1 (0.2) were rounded up to 1
but in other cases it looks like some values just got replaced by the previous values.

The end result is the SVO copy doesnt look the same as my original, for particles.

No particle on marketplace

Bumping this and hoping for a fix because otherwise its pointless putting anything with particles on the marketplace.

Some params change and mess up the intended display.

The particle engine is actually quite workable and with the 3rd level built into a lot of the params it means a lot more control can be garnered and more fine results could be had. (except for this issue that messes up a good act)

I added the comparison of the same file before export/import and after you can see the high-lighting of the differences.
original file -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------after export/import