Particle Explorer empty


Hi, My particle explorer is empty and I can not adjust any changes. Need Help!


Yu need to see this , I made it as one large picture.

Btw, it seems your not the only one with this problem.
Talking with someone that have the same problem.


Thanks, BTW does it come out with default setting or you have to load some scripts?


No script loading needed, just rezz a particle entity in edit mode and you see particles.


Thanks, Do you know anyone who has run into this issue?


Are you still having difficulty?


Yes,It is still blank in the particle explorer


Is the Entity accidentally ‘locked’ ?


No, if you see my screenshot. The particle is selected


So is this…

AND it’s locked.


So it is not.


I agree. That is very weird. You’ll find sometimes I ask ‘dumb questions’ but I try to be as thoughtful as possible. I’ve never encountered that kind of strangeness. I don’t expect you to show us any scripts that you might be working on, however, could there possibly be a script that is blocking the QML window from doing it’s job?

Come to think of it, you might be the first person in HF to have THAT MANY particle emmiters in one place.

Maybe you broke it. :smiley: @ctrlaltdavid what do you think?


I suggest restarting the server and Interface then, with the minimum of actions, reproduce the problem and have a look at Interface’s program log for .qml and .js errors.