Particle GUI How To Guide


Want to get into Particle Emitters but have no idea who Jason is?


Run this script from URL (provided in the changelog):

Then, you’ll be presented with this:

But what is a JSON?

JAVASCRIPT?! No… not for me…” Well hang on a moment. There is an easy button, I promise.

First, click the export button to grab the current JSON structure from the Object.
It will prompt you to copy it to your clip board.
Close the prompt after clipboard acquisition.

Head on over to JSON LINT.
You’ll be presented with this:

Paste in your newly acquired JSON and press Validate if it works you’ll see this:

Perform your tweaks and reverse the process using the Import feature.



@AlphaVersionD hey, thanks for the write up! i’ll add a task to update documentation (entities and particles both need a pretty big overfaul)


also, this script is merged into /examples/particle_explorer/particleExplorer.js