Particle scripts


With the update to particles, I wanted to make sure you knew of some particle examples. Feel free to play around and change them :

If someone creates the ability to fire out fireworks from the Vive controllers, we could create an amazing fireworks display. We could use this as the backing track:


Any alphas have a Vive controller? ((crickets chirping…)) :smiley: I wish I would have been sent one. I was not. Unlike DK2, Vive was invite-only.


@MetaverseCafes we have two here and can test any script that you have.


particleDance.js is today crashing interface 3055, it wasn’t doing this yesterday.

In fact i was pleased to see particleDance.js still running when i logged on this morning UNTIL i looked in ‘Entities’ where overnight :slight_smile: (my machine was Off) it appeared to have spawned >500 (tooo many to count) entity instances named ‘particle effect’ !

Even in  in zap invaders max mode (highlight > delete) It took me ages to manually delete them all.
At one point i didn’t think i was having any success judging by the scroll bar but persevered = success

I thought maybe i had set Lifetime property to -1 - but no its the default and doesn’t seem (?) to want to change, even though i can’t find ‘lifetime’ in original particleDance.js script, so assume its an entity default and not sepecific to partcles.
I was trying to repeat but as is say (L1) it’s now crashing my browser


Returned, from a couple of hours of afk having left one instance of particleDance.js running script and my stack manager running. Some hours later i find ‘Enity’ window populated by >70 instances of ‘particleOject’ in the inventory list. Killed script and then manual deletion. Reproduce this bug by running script particleDance.js -for some hours with stack manager running