Paste URLs To Blender Tutorials For Beginners


I’ve done a bit of 3D modeling before wandering into the meta-terror that is highfidelity. I made things in Wings and/or AC3D back in the pre-mesh days of Second Life. Was able to look at the object in the modeler, then export the file, import into SL, and look at a similar-but-uglier object in SL. Learned what to tweak, and just how detailed I couldn’t be with a single sculpted prim. But at least it appeared.

I’ve modeled some stuff in 123Design so my co-worker could download them and print them on his 3D printer. Not once did he complain that the thing he got was mysteriously invisible. Actually solved a couple real-world problems (which I might have thought to be more difficult than making completely virtual stuff of equivalent complexity).

So - Got Blender. Then started watching a tutorial video posted in this very forum, and it didn’t take long to get frustrated. I’m pressing the exact same key the guy said to press, and on the video he says “See how it all turned purple?” Yeah, mine didn’t turn purple. (Followed to that point thrice - never turned purple.) Presumably there are some basic assumptions about how Blender is set up on the user’s workstation. Rumor has it that it’s an extremely customizable bit of software.

I’ve now watched several tutorials here, with great interest. All of them about things I am certain I’d be able to do, and would find quite rewarding and enjoyable… if I could get past step two or three.

I can google “Blender Beginner Tutorials” and find many returns. But I have no way of knowing which of them get a fella headed in an entirely wrong direction, since none of these “first several steps” videos are specific to highfidelity. (Search “highfidelity” or “high fidelity” in, get zero results.)

So. I made a ball in Blender. Then I jammed some cones to it. Saved the horrid thing as “pokeyball”. Colored it red. Yup. It’s a red pokey ball. Easy enough. Exported it as a binary fbx. Stuck it in google drive folder, in a sub folder that I have shared to public. Got the URL to it.

Went to a different machine that ain’t logged into Chrome, pasted in the URL, downloaded pokeyball.fbx. Yup. Still about 1.2mb. So the URL is good, and the file gets there.

But log into Interface, into my starry, empty domain, hovering above the big white light, hit Edit mode, then Upload, and paste in the URL. Something happens. And if I spin my camera angle around, I eventually find a wireframe cube with another wireframe cube inside it. Refresh the list of entities, and I see there’s a thing in the list that had been empty. Click on it, and the tell-tale handles for scaling and whatnot appear. So I can make this empty box bigger. Yay.

However, it still ain’t red, still ain’t a pokey ball. It’s an invisible box. Now all I need is a friggin’ mime to trap in the invisible box.

SO… a plea to guys like @Judas or @KevinMThomas …if you have URLs in your bookmarks to those early, early beginner Blender tutorials that you can swear taught you stuff that is for sure pertinent to the end goal of making things for highfidelity, I have it on good authority that I’m not the only noob in need of same. Spew them forth below, if you would.

You know… stuff that covers the minutiae of Blender configuration that, though it’s never mentioned in these other intermediate-to-advanced vids, happens to be a critical underlying assumption. “Cuz everyone just knows that if your flux capacitor isn’t charged to exactly 1.8 gigawatts, your binary fbx exports from Blender will just be an invisible box in highfidelity.”


This is an unbelievably enjoyable read (as well as an impassioned and valid appeal)!

the meta-terror that is highfidelity

Ha! Delightful!



Blender is a bit of a brick wall when it comes to learning the interface. And it can get really confusing on trying to find a good tutorial, since you can easily tutorials on the old version of blender, but its a very powerful brick wall, which you can tear down and build a bbq grill or a small house with.

I suggest great resources such as blendercookie: for completely starting out

The tutorial series by bpwebmedia also seem pretty solid (althought his mic is really annoying)

Also About the ball you mentioned in the IRC chat: Make sure to add materials to it. Exported models without materials in High Fidelity behave strangely and are not visible on all angles. Adding materials fixes this.


HI, KDOgg. For character creation…a bit more advanced. This series is excellent:
I like Blender Cookies for basic tutorials, overviews of the interface, etc.

Blender, for me, is about time, and trial and error @Menithal l is a master.

Edited to add second link.


I’d clicked on the Materials button/tab/ball in the right-most pane, and it was within there that I made it red. But I suppose the net result was that I had colored the nothingness red. (Heh. My soul is black. But since nobody can see it, I’m still wearing brown shoes, and nobody’s the wiser.) Even so, I would have expected the wireframe to still be not-a-cube unless I had imported an invisible cube. I’ll chalk that up to “behave strangely” and push on.


After a night’s sleep and the first cup of morning coffee, another aspect to this dawns on me. I don’t (and won’t) have Windows. I’ve attempted to follow a couple highfidelity-specific blender tutorial videos by now, and I’ve run Blender on Linux Mint 17, and on Apple OS X Yosemite 10.something.3. Makes me wonder if there are default key-mappings when Blender is installed on Windows that don’t exist (by default) on unix-based OSes, and some people have figured out how to tweak Blender-on-Mac to behave like Blender-on-Win.

That’ll be a fun new thing for me to google.


One man… one desire…

Coming to YouTube this summer Blender Guru - Andrew Price…

(seriously go make that happen) :smile: you’ll be glad you did.



Actually forgot to mention this on Mac its cmnd. On Linux and windows is Ctrl. You just switch the cmd to control like you do normally when transferring between windows/linux and Mac.


That’s going to be a very helpful tip, I’m certain.

(commence mini-rant…)
This very thing has made me nuts on many other programs, too. People, people, people, the Mac keyboard has a CTRL key too. It works just fine. Using the Mac-centric cmd key is only (slightly) excusable (imo) if the program was written for Mac, then later reluctantly ported to other OSes.


The reason for this due to OS sotware taking in by default the keycode for ctrl as cmd, while their apple-ctrl key is unique. Since most of the hotkey on Mac revolves around this key, it make sense not to diverge… Of course this causes Mac users headache if looking at tutorials made with other OSes :slight_smile:


A hug to Menithal.


The (unofficial) HF wiki is a good place to drop resource links ( You don’t have to create full pages, add links, ideas, snippets or whatever to the Wiki Worklist page for others to pick up and possibly use to create pages.


Probably true… but…

From my coming-in-from-the-outside perspective, the more someone says “unofficial”, the more I tend to avoid it. That may be just me. :smile:

There’s also the critical mass problem. There’s a Wiki_Worklist page, and in there I see mentioned that VR_Architect made a request here on the alphas forum, and in response, there’s a place (unofficially) here…

And it’s empty.

So I should go first? Really? That doesn’t seem right. Feels like over-stepping. (Plus there’s that fear-of-the-empty-page thing.)

And besides, all the activity with questions about how to do this or that, and answers thereto, seems to be happening here.

OK, maybe that’s the point - maybe there’s a problem with too much noob activity here, and it has officially been decided that the noob noise should get pushed over there. If so, that’s great. I’ll be approximately the 8th noob to go check there daily for what’s going on. I seldom lead the herd. Not in my nature.

(I can show you my Myers-Briggs workup… it’s officially not in my nature.)


i quite like gaias avastar videos its a secondlife plugin they made for blender, It covers alotta maybe more advanced stuff . but its well explained.


All true, KDOgg. Thanks for the input. We’ll see if it can develop into something that has any value to the community.


I haven’t used or contributed to the wiki yet, but I think having set it up is an excellent step. And, so you know KDOGG, that was just done last week. So, yes, anybody can go “first” and post something–no overstepping.

That it is “unofficial” just means that HiFi is not developing it–the users are. Which is perfect, since they are the ones coming up with all of the tips, tricks and troubleshooting that everyone else is going to need.

Official Documentation is for the overarching variables of HiFi, not Blender or JavaScript specifics, for example.

The point of a wiki is to have all of this help stuff in one place. Eventually, there will be too many people for this board to support, without chaos, all of these minutia how-to threads, and the knowledge will get lost.

@Simulacron3, @KDOgg


Fear no longer, I have broken the ice and posted an opener on that page, feel free to add to the page or start a discussion.

Yes a lot of questions get asked and answered here which is great, but yes again so many questions makes it difficult to wade thru, anybody who has tried to search for something on this forum would have found it difficult and surely missed a lot of good info burred beneath the chatter and hum. The more information that comes the harder it is to sort the answered questions from the unanswered ones.
Noise is a good expression, and we hope to filter the noise and distill the good information into the Wiki.
So the noise will actually stay here and work as a pool, this is the conversation, the wiki is the product of that conversation.

oh and @SterlingWright I hope you dont mind I borrowed one of your quotes to get the ball rolling :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. I sincerely appreciate it.

BTW, another part of my reluctance to be an early-creator of anything on a Wiki (official or otherwise), is that mere weeks later, someone a lot brighter than I will come along with a “noob” question that goes way over my head, and start poking at me, wondering why I don’t answer. Not only do I not wish to lead anything there, I don’t wish to appear to lead anything.

Anyway, have gotten from here the sort of tips/urls I was hoping for, and more to the point, some reassurance that a couple of those sources of tut-vids are not leading in a dubious direction. So thanks, everyone.


It’s a great idea @KDOgg Good to see @Adrian adding to the value too