Paying Job: Who's got the beat?


High Fidelity is looking for users to help test out a rhythm diagnostic game from one of our University partners. Applicants will need to use HMD and hand controllers and will receive 1500HFC once completion is confirmed. HFC is now convertable to $US. Fore more infortmation on conversion go here

Applicants will receive a link for a JS file to run in your sandbox. This JS file is a game with 27 levels to play that will take 30 seconds each. It aims to provide a cursory test of your rhythm accuracy.

This diagnostic is part of a larger program, but we are making sure this implementation gives good data, and feedback will be needed regarding instructional clarity, rendering, and other general questions.

To apply, go here


Are you still accepting applicants?


Yes ! Send one over!


Already done :wink:

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