People are spending millions on digital cats and heres why it make sense


Someone could 3D Model the kitties they own, allowing them to 3D Print at home :thinking:


It’s actually funny because I pitched the idea of cryptocat 3D models to someone working on “battle kitties arena” and they never responded to me! Hahaha

I guess, in the end, vectors are more economical :stuck_out_tongue:


That game is very cute :heart_eyes:

True :woman_technologist:


hahaha I called it “battle kitties arena” but I’m not sure what they actually called their cryptocats dueling game or if it ever became a thing xD I just had gone to a few cryptocurrency meetups and some folks were talking about the idea, said they had it funded and were going to work on it… and that they wanted me to stay in touch for possible work with them. So no idea if it actually worked out, since I don’t have an expendable income to invest on digital kitties.