Performance Issues with Interface while running Domain



Since I’ve started using the Vive as opposed to the DK2 I was using before, I’ve been unable to reasonably use Interface while my domain server is running. Interface works when the server is not running but still struggles more than I’d expect when changing domains or doing something like accessing the Marketplace tablet. With the DK2 perf is great from what I can tell.

When launching interface I ‘flash’ in and out of the SteamVR menu room. Rarely am I in Hifi long enough to see more than a frozen screen. After sometime usually Interface crashes or hangs.

I think my hardware is good to go. I have the latest NVIDIA drivers and have experienced this issue with the last 2 NVIDIA driver versions.

HTC Vive
i5-6500 3.2
32gb DDR4
Win10 home 64bit

It’s been a long time since I’ve had to troubleshoot windows perf issues. I would really appreciate any suggested steps. Or if I can provide any other info, please let me know. Thanks!


There’s been a, often painful, and ongoing issue with Interface on i5 CPUs. I’m currently digging deeper into why its performance has degraded since last RC build (20) and, hopefully, it will be sorted out soon. It’s not just you or your Windows/Hardware configurations.


Also - if you want to get a feel for what was probably the best performing Interface/Sandbox build on your hardware config (very close to mine - except I have a GTX970) then try build 5305 and that should rule out any hardware/system issues.


I’ll give that build a go to see. Thanks for the heads up! I’m adan in the qa slack channel, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


Probably wouldn’t hurt to offer impressions on;

I’m often the sole voice of the i5 community in regards to how it performs (or not).


And that’s a pre-release QA Test version from the very frightening not good place to get builds from testing branches for anyone seeing that and thinking I WANT.


I’m actually adding my comments right now. Didn’t go well.


Well - that’s bad, but good. It’s easier to work these things via the QA process and bug systems when it’s not a “just me” thing.


The proc seem relatively popular for VR builds. I’ve seen it on a lot of lists. Surprised we’re not hearing about more instances.


I was out of Hifi for a couple of weeks in between beta releases. It feels like this latest betahas reverted to the previous state. Interface is usable as long as the domain server isn’t running. Are you experiencing the same @OmegaHeron?


Disregard, I see the PR out for this.