Person-to-person payment (and a big thank you)


Hey everyone - with P2P out (the ability to send HFC direct), we are taking the ‘closed beta’ brakes off the economy. Some stuff about that:

We’re going to give everyone with account created before today a good chunk of HFC (we’re still checking numbers on this, so I’ll put out the actual number tomorrow), and we will also give extra larger grants to owners of placenames and people having put content into the marketplace. Thank you for all you have done (and so much more) so far, hopefully this is one way we can say thanks.

We also put up a server called ‘BankofHighFidelity’ for banking services. We’ll start giving out these grants to people (you guys) tomorrow and friday. It’s a nice looking space with what appear to be giant coins!

Coming soon, we will start up some sort of manual exchange process where you can trade HFC for other cryptocurrencies. More on that as we figure out the details.

Overall we are very excited at the idea of performers now being able to use the direct payments / tips as a new kind of ‘gig’ economy. This is first as far as we know - being able to pay someone with a cryptocurrency directly, as an avatar, in a virtual world.

Happy to answer questions here, or listen to thoughts about what else we should be thinking as we get commerce more completely rolled out.

Blog post -


A good chunk :slight_smile:

Oh the banking hours are a little on the tricky side for us Europeans with jobs and normal sleep patterns
the easiest times for the existing hours puts us at 11pm friday night. Pub throwing out time
Unless this is an elaboate ruse to scam us where were drunk and susceptible :stuck_out_tongue:


I am concerned that there should be some form of 2FA, or higher for any significant transfers.
Even more so if given the ability to transfer out through an exchange.


Exciting stuff! Love the idea I can pay a developer/avatar maker/artist/musician/etc directly for projects/events I want to get done in HiFi. The elegance of this system is lovely. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time exploring in VRChat, Sansar and other social vr platforms - none of them are close to what HiFi is currently doing with e-commence.


Yes we will look into 2FA when we are able, agree it should be an option.


OK, so the way we are computing those grants for all the alpha/beta users is as follows:

5,000 HFC given to everyone with an account
5,000 HFC for each placename you own
20,000 HFC extra if you have posted anything in the marketplace

Thanks, all! We had fun giving out grants to people standing on line in the bank today - please come tomorrow and get yours!

And we’ll be adding banking services like currency exchange soon.


If the banks hard for you, oh man its going to be fun for me in Australia haha.


Great! Now the only thing between me and becoming a HFCillionaire is the missing Linux Version;)


I tried to sign into HiFi on my work PC (because the time of the next pay-out at the Bank is during my workday) only to discover that it doesn’t save my appearance or my already-set-up HFC wallet when I try to sign in on a new computer with the same account. Instead of my photo-realistic male avatar, I’m the default wooden mannequin without a wallet…

So I’m going to have to go home for lunch and use my home computer to line up at the Bank today. Have you guys considered setting up some Bank hours outside of 9-5 North American time?


OK I’ve received by 5,000 HFC (thank you High Fidelity for your generosity). But I still have a question.

Why is it, when I installed the HiFi client on a second computer and signed in with my account, that I start all over again with the default wooden mannequin and no wallet? Is my avatar appearance and my wallet information that is only stored on my personal computer, not stored on HiFi’s servers at all? Does this mean that I have to back up my information in order to install it on a new computer?

I was just told by someone that HiFi was designed this way on purpose. OK makes sense.


The Currency is a blockchain currency, so you must make keep your wallet private key safe.


I received my grant at the Bank on Thursday night, thanks Philip. I also appreciated my first chance to say hello and shake hands with you directly, all made possible by VR technology, thanks for that also.

I noticed some questions elsewhere about the compatibility of HFC with other crypto-currencies, and it looked like the tokens might be ERC20 compliant. Is this so? I haven’t been able to find any definitive answers. The reason I am asking, is that the VRENAR project has also forged ahead, and has an ERC20 compatible token sale coming up soon, needed to fund the project. As I’ve always said, HiFi has the most capable VR architecture out there for the purposes of the VR component identified in the system diagram of the White Paper there. Perhaps some kind of interface like shapeshifter could be implemented between the two systems to exchange tokens from one system to the other?


@boterick Our currency is currently on the HFC blockchain, which is an elements/Bitcoin codebase. So we are not yet connected across to Ethereum where the erc20 token’s live.

Our thinking is that we will create a smart contract on both sides that allows you to transfer HFC to the Ethereum blockchain where, as you say, they will reside as erc20 HFC tokens.

The urgency of this will depend on how easily we can get currency exchange going in-world, which is something we are working on and that you will see very soon.

It would be helpful to get more info from you on what you would like to be able to do with HFC if it was on the Ethereum blockchain… trade it at an exchange? Use it in a smart contract?


Hi Philip, I was looking to maximise compatibility. Due to VRENAR being necessarily non-profit, it has only one real option of fundraising; ie by ICO or token sale. To do this independently, the tokens of the sale need to be specific to the VRENAR community and system. The project has followed the most common route to creating a custom token for ICO purposes, with a view to also utilising the smart contract features of Ethereum later. If VRENAR is interfaced with HiFi at some point, I guess there would need to be a conversion process between the currencies of the two systems.


This is first as far as we know - being able to pay someone with a cryptocurrency directly, as an avatar, in a virtual world.

Not first. YrGrid beat you guys by about two years with avatar-to-avatar bitcoin payments in a virtual world.


Avatar bitcoin to Russian mobster / thief payments this should read…


I can’t speak for what the company does now, but when I initially designed the payment system three years ago, it was avatar-to-avatar making it the first. Understand how that works? Things can change over time. Imagine that.

I left the company when rip-off artist Melanie Thielker was brought in, so not surprised it’s become Avination Care Coins 2.0.


Thinks were talking abvout virtual worlds as they relate to vr and headsets.Or we go down this never ending hole of what is and isnt one, ending up in a nice vivid description counting as virtual reality.
That said I never heard of YrGrid , just had a snoop at the website looks cool, kinda second life ish



I have gone to the bank and there is a sign saying that the banker has been available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Is the banker going to be next week too?