Perspective is unreasonable


This view shows lamp posts to the left and my clock tower to the right of the avatar, these items are meant to be vertical, yet the image (and what I see) looks like everything is leaning in at 30 odd degrees, looks like my clock tower is about to fall over.

Is this the desired result? am I missing something here? It simply doesnt look right, nothing in the real world ever looks like this.

Ok I will say it…It looks awful.

Maybe there is something in my settings that changes this?
While I am here, these poles at the front of my house are cylinders and they are vertical, they look neither cylindrical nor vertical from this viewpoint.


Have you tried messing with avatar-prefs- real world field of view and inertial field of view
seems to change some of that


I know perspectief is sometimes weird, and not feels right. maby comment later more when i looked better again. l Just checked it, the look fine for me.


I’m not sure what changed but it seems to be back to normal today, and I didnt change anything.
Normal meaning vertical objects now look more vertical, but the poles at the front of my house still look ellipse instead of round.